Living Green Sedum Roof

A living green sedum roof or living roof is a surface intentionally created from living vegetation and used in place of traditional roofing materials. They are usually composed of a variety of plant types that include sedums, grasses, and wild flowers. The green sedum roof construction process is relatively simple and an optional yet increasingly popular feature which can easily be installed on any of our garden pods, garden offices, and garden studios designs.

Due to its long flowering season, this stunning explosion of all year round colour and lush natural grasses means, a sedum green roof can complete your garden room perfectly.

Yet, having a green roof installed will provide benefits that extend well beyond simple visual pleasures. For instance, there are a number of financial, health and long term benefits to installing a green roof. These include extending the life of your building, enhancing the value of your property, promoting well-being and helping to filter out pollutants which help with conditions such as asthma.

The green sedum roof construction process is relatively simple but it’s very important to install it correctly. Therefore we work with a first class supplier to provide you with the best service.

Our Living Green Sedum Roof Suppliers

Green Living Sedum roofOur supplier ‘Enviromat’ provide the sedum matting for over 70% of sedum roofs in the UK. They provide the only British grown sedum matting that has a built in support netting to ensure its longevity and easy management.

Their sedum matting is delivered to clients within hours of harvesting and provides at least 95% plant coverage to your roof, so your garden room looks good from day one.

Green sedum roof construction and maintainence

The matting is constructed from ultra-lightweight layers of drainage mat, water retention mat and sedum mat, making it fairly easy to install with a simple, non-demanding maintenance regime.

Your Studio has to be designed to withstand the structural loadings imposed by the weight of the planted roof system so please ensure you talk to your Studio designer to ensure that, even if you intend to add a living roof at a later date after we’ve completed your Studio, your roof is engineered to take the weight of a saturated sedum mat.  It is vital that it is installed and then cared for properly so you have  roofing system that can last for decades.  Whilst all plants need due care and attention, the Enviromat sedum matting is extremely robust and very frost, drought and weed resistant.

Perfect for pollinators sedum roofHowever, it is vital that it is installed and then cared for properly so you have a roofing system that can last for decades. On the plus side ‘Enviromat’ sedum matting is extremely robust and very frost, drought and weed resistant.

It’s specifically designed to provide a spread of colours that look good all year round. It has also been approved by ‘RHS Perfect for Pollinators’ to carry their logo.

Green Advantages

  • A living green sedum roof can provide extra insulation and reduce noise pollution.
  • It can help to reduce energy bills and has been proven to provide warmth in the winter months but keeps you cool in the summer.
  • The soil holds onto to rainfall by absorbing up to 80% of the moisture which helps to lower flood risks. It then releases the rainwater slowly and relieves man made drainage systems.
  • A traditional roof suffers from harmful UV rays which can significantly reduce their lifespans by making them prone to leaking. Sedum roofs soak up the sun so they provide an additional layer of protection.
  • If you opt for solar panels to help reduce your energy bills then a living green roof will help mask and therefore improve the appearance of your garden room whilst also increasing the panels overall efficiency.
  • It’s very drought tolerant.
  • Highly attractive to birds, bees, butterflies and insects with its undisturbed nesting and feeding potential for these wildlife creatures.
  • When you compare all of these advantage over using the more traditional less eco-friendly options, the reasons for not installing a green roof start to disappear.

We can even install a filtration method that captures the excess water for non-drinking water purposes such as flushing toilets. It really is an all-round winner!

If you would like to know more about the green sedum roof construction process, feel free to contact us here.

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