Eco Garden Rooms: Windows, Doors and Lighting

More and more clients are becoming aware of the importance of sustainability in building and are looking for a garden room that is both practical, beautiful and eco-friendly! Our eco garden rooms are industry leading. With our double glazed window and door units installed as standard, heat is retained in the winter and blocked in the summer – saving you money whilst you enjoy your garden room all year round.

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Our “A” rated energy efficient glazing units are high performance windows, using powder coated aluminium frames, which means they are built to last. Click here for more info (use existing link) and speak to your studio designer to review all the options available.

For some clients, when creating a music room, sound insulation is key. We can create windows for this so that sound is completely blocked out, just ask us how! We will work with all our clients individually to make sure that our garden rooms meet all of your energy efficient requirements. Not only that, but by making your garden room energy efficient you can save money on your bills too!

Energy efficient lighting

Another feature of our energy efficient garden rooms is quality lighting that uses 91% less electricity, saves you money, and reduces your carbon footprint. An RCD protected consumer unit and external lighting ensures safety whilst the contemporary screw-less chrome fittings will add style to your garden office.

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At Green Studios we are proud to be able to offer all of our customers eco garden rooms. We are passionate about sustainability and supporting the environment around us. We also make the most of the latest technologies to ensure that your garden room is as efficient as possible.