Garden office & leisure pod, Central London

Valuable leisure and office space in the city

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Children’s playroom in North London

In a London home, an eco-pod is built...

Our architect client needed a green space whilst designing and building an eco-house next door.

Even the smallest of gardens can have a pod!

This pod features horizontal open-boarded cedar cladding

Office pod for your business

If you work from home, our latest luxury pod range could be exactly what you need.

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Add a green roof to your pod for extra eco and design

A sedum roof is sustainable but also looks great too…

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Think your garden is too small for an office pod?

Think again! This garden pod in London is perfect, comfy and stylish to work and meet clients in.

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Office space for home working

Suited to any garden, our latest pod range offers you adaptable space for any purpose that you wish.

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A small pod - but plenty of space for an office

This small pod combines an office for 2 (and the family dog) – you can’t see the dog but we promise he’s in the corner!

Contemporary garden space

Create extra space for work or leisure – the choice is yours!

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Garden Pods

View our latest range of contemporary garden pods designed with cutting-edge technology including our corner windows. The luxury pod is a stunning feature to any outdoor space and garden.


Our garden pods are one of our latest designs, becoming one of our most popular too! Built to really utilize every inch of extra space, with a corner window and door, they really do feel light and airy inside. Take a read through our case studies here.

Even better, we can build in the smallest of spaces, so they’re perfect for city dwellers who want to make the most of their outdoor space whilst not taking up or overpowering the whole garden. That being said – we can also install garden pods complete with a bedroom and bathroom for those wanting a larger space!

Example prices:

Pod example 1 42

Example Pod 1

Example price: £19,995

Our entry level Pod ideal for 1 person home office with contemporary styling (see example)

Width 3.92m (12'10")

Depth 2.49m (8"2')

Internal Height 2.1m 6'10"

Pod example 4 46

Example Pod 2

Example price: £52,150

Larger-than-average accommodation Pod with separate bedroom and bathroom, built to full Building Regulations dwelling-house specification

Width 6.30m (29'7")

Depth 3.67m (12')

Internal Height 2.4m (7'10")

Pod example 6 50

Example Pod 3

Example price: £68,795

Extra large pod fitted with both full-height corner windows and a desk-level corner window plus a separate bathroom, built to full Building Regulations dwelling-house specification

Width 9.29m (29'7")

Depth 4.26m (12')

Internal Height 2.4m (7'10")


Options for design and materials for our garden pods is entirely up to you. We regularly install them using open board cedar cladding whether it is traditionally vertical or horizontal – it’s your choice.

Garden leisure room Ambrosetti 5 150x150
Horizontal open board cedar cladding
Studio example2 alternative open boarded cedar 150x150
Vertical open-board cedar cladding

All of our products offer a unique look and feel to your garden, giving you practical space where you need it most – whether you want a room for your teenagers to use as a den, an office for your business, or even a laundry room – we can build it!

If you would like a free quote on any of our garden pods and office pods, you can contact the team on 01582 805710 or just drop us an email here.

With stunning contemporary designs, we create a space that not only looks great, it’s built to last too.

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