What is Included in The Price?

Green modular studios
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Our garden room prices include VAT and the full installation service including suitable foundations (although this excludes preparatory site clearance which is subject to site survey).

In general, no additional delivery or installation charges apply within a 60 mile radius of our Bedfordshire base, though you can expect small additional installation charges in other areas, which will be confirmed at the time of ordering and will be clearly stated in our proposal.

The prices we illustrate represent example sizes of garden buildings to give you an indication of price – we will always prepare a quotation to suit your individual circumstances. For example, our prices assume our garden studios are installed using our standard SIPS (structural insulated panels) though many alternative types and thicknesses of insulation are available. Our website price illustrations also assume that your garden room is installed with a minimum one metre gap to your boundaries and that it is built to the lowest 2.5m height – though we are by no means limited by these factors, they are simply a starting point for pricing.

Garden room prices vary if there is not a power supply to the house, for which we can provide a separate quotation, or you can contract your own electrician to make the connection. Your final price including any options and extras is the price you pay for a finished garden room ready to move into straight away, and there are no hidden costs.

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All our garden rooms are designed bespoke to your needs and this service is included in the price proposal we provide for you. Because all our garden rooms are designed bespoke we do not have standard garden room prices as such, however our pricing page outlines some example garden room project costs. If you are looking to understand some of the details about how a garden room project comes to life check out our Info hub which explains everything from Building Regulations to whether planning permission is required.