What Are My Options For Internet Access and Phone Services?

The simplest, and usually cheapest, way to get internet and phone access to your building is to use a wireless router and a dual cordless Dect phone, though this will always depend upon how close the proximity of your garden room is to the main services in your house.

We have found that this is only really suitable for a small number of buildings and the most commonplace solution employed by our clients is the use of Network-over-Power line adaptors – a super piece of low-cost technology which enables data (internet) signals to be transmitted over electric power cables. For around £40 total cost, you can buy a wifi-enabled device which plugs into your home broadband router, you plug another device into your garden studio and it extends your home wifi, with the same password, to you garden room.

If you prefer traditional, hard-wired cabling for any of your connectivity needs (data, telephone, alarm, TV, access control and home automation), we can offer fully customised cabling services – just chat to a garden room designer about the scope of services available.


A video enabled doorbell would be a great idea for your garden office, especially if you spend large amounts of time in there. It works just like an intercom, alongside your smartphone to send video images to your handset. When a visitor arrives at your home, you’ll know instantly and will be able to talk to them from your office.


Wifi access within your garden room can be easy to achieve with a cheap and simple plug-in solution. You would need to connect one part to your home broadband router, plug in the other unit in your office and that’s all it entails to extend your home wifi, with the same password, to the bottom of your garden.