Our Garden Room Building Materials

Our buildings use the best eco friendly building materials that will not only last, are sustainable but are competitively priced too.

When building a garden studio, we make it easy for you to be green and help the environment.

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  • Windows and doors – we use powder coated aluminium windows and doors with energy efficient glazing as standard. We also source recycled aluminium and recycle any off-cuts we have from our buildings. Our windows and doors are also manufactured within our Group. Therefore, we inspect each product personally and ensure it is to the same high standard.
  • A-rated patio doors – not only do we offer A-rated eco friendly windows, we are one of the only manufacturers to offer A-rated patio doors as well.
  • SIPS – we use the latest Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS) for our rooms. At a minimum 176mm thick, your walls will be insulated to the latest housing regulation standards and are therefore truly habitable all-year-round.
  • Air-tightness performance – we are the leading manufacturer to have tested and proven our structures to be air-tight (achieving Energy-Saving Trust levels of air-tightness for a Level 4 Code for Sustainable Homes standard). This means less energy is required to heat the air inside and therefore you save money and energy.
  • State of the art walls – we use an alternative to plasterboard made from 100% recycled, eco friendly building materials, providing improved sound insulation, fire-proofing, durability and ease of fixing shelves and cupboards (you can hang up to 50kg weight from a single screw fixing – perfect for your 3D TV screen!)
  • LED lighting – we only install LED lamps, available in a choice of warm white, cool white or daylight colour temperature options for low energy consumption and with lighting levels designed to comply with lux levels appropriate to its use.
  • We also ensure that all timber is sourced from FSC certified suppliers and our roof cladding material is made of recycled content.

The above is just a snapshot of our garden room building materials. This is why we are the leading designer and manufacturer of garden buildings. But there is more to us than this. Find out why you should choose us for your contemporary garden room or take a look at one of our garden rooms being created in this informative video.