If I Move House, Can I Take The Garden Room With Me?

Our buildings can be considered as portable garden rooms as they use a genuinely de-mountable system in the construction process, making it possible to remove the cladding and pack the building up for transport to a new site location. As we build garden rooms from small pods to very large outdoor offices, it does certainly depend on the size and scale of the project as to whether moving the building is the best course of action.

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Whilst it is technically feasible to transport a garden room from one location to another, we do encourage you to question the logistical and financial expediency of doing this.

Most of our clients who have been in this situation have usually sold their garden building to the buyers of their home, finding that this is a more preferable solution when considering the cost of packing up the building and transportation.

However, if you are set on moving your beloved garden room to your new home there is usually always a solution, just get in touch and we can discuss this with you.

Portable garden rooms made easier

For a few projects each year, we are commissioned by our clients to construct their garden room on a structural steel frame. This construction method enables making the task of lifting the room in its entirety out of the garden, for onward relocation, a relatively straightforward one. We have years of experience of constructing portable garden rooms so whatever you do, please contact us to chat.

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For further information about how we build our garden rooms take a look at the specification of our garden buildings. See also examples of recent garden room projects we have built such as this Garden lodge and this Garden office in North London. We also have a help video on the subject of designing your garden room.