How Robust Will My Garden Room Be?

In short, our garden studios are built to the same exacting, durable standards as a modern home – it is expected to last as long as your home after all and is a world apart from lesser, log cabin or summerhouse derived structures which are really only intended for seasonal use.

What makes our garden buildings so durable?

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Green Studios typically utilise heavy-duty screw-pile foundations which are a non-invasive, concrete-free systems which we’ve engineered and utilised on the largest of (200+ sq metre) school classroom buildings and 2 bedroom dwelling-type Studios. Our aim is to give you accommodation which feels like any other room in your house, though our Studios are better built than most of the UK’s housing stock! Our high quality building materials are second to none and ensure you get the luxury garden room you’ve always wanted.

We use an excellent sustainable alternative to plasterboard too which is incredibly durable with high impact resistance (you can take a hammer to it with little effect, unlike plasterboard). It is also highly practical, having the ability to hang up to 50kg weight from a single screw fixing. This makes it incredibly easy to install wall-mounted shelves or cupboards.

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There really is no comparison with other lesser garden structures. For examples of our recent garden building projects take a look at this modular art studio built for a client in Chesham and this light and airy garden gym room in Great Missenden. We also build many garden offices throughout the year, ranging from a compact two-person office such as this garden office in North London and a larger garden gym and home office in Reading.