How are the Internal Walls Finished?

With a sustainable alternative to plasterboard and full skim finish, the result is a seamless, attractive and durable finish. It is easy to decorate and maintain and increases soundproofing. A plastered surface is natural, breathable and unlike man-made lining boards and is puncture resistant when knocked.

All our Studios are finished as standard with a seamless, joint-free interior. In the vast majority of cases we employ a full plaster skim finish, fully decorated so your garden room feels exactly like most rooms in your home. Most of our clients choose a sustainable, 100% recycled and impact resistant alternative to plasterboard for the walls with a fire-safe plasterboard to the ceiling, though your studio designer will be able to review the options with you for alternative materials and finishes.

Most of our projects are fully decorated in our standard matt white finish, though you have complete flexibility to commission your choice of colour or decorative finishes. And in keeping with our Green ethos, we recommend that you upgrade paint finishes (at extra cost) to organic, odourless solvent-free paints from Lakeland Paints which are ideal if you have any allergy sensitivities.