Garden Room Extensions

When it comes to enriching your home, a garden room extension provides a huge number of possibilities. The extra, separate space can be used for any purpose you like! If you’re looking for some inspiration, take a look at our ideas below.


A summer house is a traditional addition to the garden, and there’s a reason why it’s a perennial favourite. In summer, you can relax and enjoy the garden views, soaking up the sun and entertaining your guests.


Unlike draughty sheds and prefabricated shelters, a well-insulated garden room extension is warm enough for you to enjoy all the year round. Underfloor heating is an essential feature for staying cosy in your garden summer house on winter evenings, whether hosting a dinner party or simply putting your feet up.

If you do a lot of entertaining or have far flung family who like to visit often, a bonus of installing a garden room extension is that your summer house party venue can double up as comfortable accommodation for your guests.

Plus, if you’re worried about the cost of installation, you could always claw back some of the cost by renting out your garden summer house as guest accommodation through sites such as AirBnB.

  • Enjoy comfortable and convenient entertaining all year round (not just in the summer months).
  • Be the hosts with the most – your summer house can double up as overnight accommodation for guests.
  • Claw back some cash – consider renting out your garden room as occasional holiday accommodation.

Hobby room

One of our favourite garden room extension ideas!

Do you or a family member have a leisurely pastime that takes up a lot of space? A garden room is the perfect solution to house your hobby and keep it contained. Retreat to the garden, put the kettle on and spend many a happy hour pottering in your hobby room.

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  • Display your collection – from ancient artefacts to modern memorabilia, this is just the place to curate your treasures.
  • Crafter’s paradise – a dedicated space for your crafting equipment, with no need to clear everything away each time you have a break.
  • Make as much noise as you like – whether it’s sawing, drilling, hammering or playing your music really loud, having a separate and well-insulated space means you won’t disturb your family back in the house.


Whether you’re setting up a home business or simply want the flexibility of working from home, a garden room extension provides an ideal setting for a home office.

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Separate from the noise and distractions of the rest of the house, but just a quick commute to the end of the garden (and back again), you can hole up and work in peace whilst connecting and communicating with the outside world by phone and internet. Garden offices come in all different sizes, small or large like these garden pods.

  • Save time and expense by avoiding lengthy commutes.
  • Get connected and furnish your garden office with all the office paraphernalia you need to get the job done.
  • Keep work and home life separate by shutting the door to your home office and returning to the house at the end of the day.


If you want a really indulgent addition to your home, why not consider a spa – (one of our more luxurious garden room extension ideas). These are a warm and weatherproof way to house your hot tub, so you can access your own piece of heaven with a Jacuzzi on tap (so to speak). You’ll need to install plumbing and electricity to get your hot tub up and running, but the great news is that a hot tub protected from the outside elements is a really attractive feature for future buyers (and who can blame them?) – so this can really add value to your home.

  • Be the envy of your neighbours with year-round luxury spa facilities.
  • Invite friends to enjoy your Jacuzzi, whatever the weather.
  • Add value to your home with a hot tub.


Whether you’re a professional musician or a keen amateur, you can create a musical utopia with your very own garden studio – a great environment for practice sessions that won’t worry the neighbours, as well as providing a soundproof space for recording.

Garden Art Studio Music Room and Guest Room Tunbridge Wells 13

You can build the studio to your own specifications to allow for storage of valuable and environmentally sensitive musical instruments and equipment. And what’s more, you’ll find that a garden music room works out much cheaper than hiring studio time on a regular basis.

  • Create the perfect acoustic environment with a soundproof studio that prevents sound leakage.
  • Build a controlled atmosphere for storing expensive music equipment and instruments
  • Save money on studio rental costs and enjoy the convenience of having your equipment set up and ready to go
  • Get inspired by great garden views as you play!


Release your inner child with a garden games room – the perfect place to relax, play and entertain. Turn your garden room extension into a dedicated place for “the lads” and reclaim the space in your home. From PlayStation championships to pool tournaments, your adult playroom will be a hit with your mates and is surprisingly easy to install, as well as cheap to run.

  • House your toys in the garden, separate space and free up extra room in the house.
  • Relax in a warm and comfortable self-contained space with all the mod cons – no need to pop back to the house to make a snack or visit the loo.
  • Stay up late and have as much fun as you like without disturbing your family.
  • Have your friends stay over in comfort, with your play space doubling up as a guest annexe.


Perhaps it’s the kids whose possessions are cluttering up the house, rather than the adults? Many people choose to use their garden room extension as an indoor children’s paradise, a safe space to play in all weathers, and somewhere they can truly make their own.

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Just imagine the satisfaction of a toy-free home – and the peace and quiet you could enjoy with the children occupied and having fun in their own garden playroom. They’ll relish the chance to “play house” and feel grown up with a separate space all of their own.

  • Reclaim your home and enjoy some peace as your children play in their own safe space.
  • Don’t worry about mess or noise – just let them get on with it when they have friends over.
  • With CCTV installed, you can monitor them if necessary.
  • When they fly the nest, you can convert the space into an adult space or a guest room (or whatever suits you at the time).


Of course, your kids may not end up flying the nest as soon as you expect. With property prices sky high, many people find themselves returning from university to live with mum and dad, or simply never leaving in the first place. If you have your grown up children living at home, you’ll know it can be difficult to discuss their next step. Despite being old enough to vote, marry and have children of their own, it’s easy for them to revert to childhood roles when they’re still sleeping in their childhood bedrooms. A garden room extension such as this garden living accommodation can be a godsend in situations like this, as it allows your offspring the independence of their own living (and cooking) space as well as giving you the extra space you may have grown used to when they were at uni.

  • Give your grown up kids some independence whilst letting them live at home as long as they need to.
  • Don’t worry about planning permission – in most cases, for single storey accommodation, it’s not needed.
  • When they do leave home, the space can be used as guest accommodation or as a granny flat for ageing relatives.


Escape into your very own fantasy land with an amazing, state-of-the-art garden cinema. For those fanatical about film and entertainment, it doesn’t get any better than this. A slice of heaven for film fanatics, your garden room extension is the perfect space for a fully immersive experience of film.

  • Install state-of-the-art-home cinema equipment.
  • Create the perfect acoustic environment with surround sound.
  • Hold private screenings in your own garden at your convenience.


Make the most of the natural light and build a truly inspiring artist garden studio in the heart of your garden. Whether you’re a professional artist or simply want to devote more time to your creative side, a studio will give you all the space you need to paint, draw or sculpt. Just footsteps from your house, you’ll be able to drop everything when inspiration strikes – and if you need to stop what you’re doing there’s no need to disrupt your still life or clear up your equipment.

IMG 2512 Original 300x248

Garden room extensions are also a great place for a darkroom or dedicated photography studio.

  • Design your studio to make the most of the garden views, and benefit from great natural light.
  • Enjoy the convenience of a dedicated space where you can concentrate on being creative.
  • Store your art materials and leave things just as you need them, without worrying about cluttering up the house.


Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or need motivation to keep moving, a home gym will save you loads of cash on gym memberships, and evidence suggests it’ll make you fitter. The closer your gym, the more likely you are to visit it regularly – so with a gym in your garden you’ll be able to easily add exercise into your daily routine.


Whether it’s yoga or weight training, or a mixture of the two, you’ll be energised in your own garden space.

  • Get fit and stay fit – with a home gym you’ll have no excuse not to exercise.
  • Fitness fanatics will save valuable time and money that would have been spent visiting their local gym
  • Incorporate shower facilities and air conditioning, for a completely comfortable workout.

If you would like knowledge on the materials and structure we use to build any of the above, take a look at our Specification page.

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