Design Your Own Garden Room

Garden rooms, design & made in England

All of our garden rooms are custom-made in England, and no two rooms are ever the same. So our product dimensions and specifications are a guide only. Whatever you’re looking for, we work to design your garden room around your functional need for extra space – and desired finish – whether the space is for work, play or rest.

You can take a look at some of our luxury garden room case studies for inspiration or read our article on garden room extensions. Alternatively, get in touch with us for help by calling on 0800 3345570.

We continue to create top of the range garden guest rooms, home gyms, games rooms, art studios, outdoor classrooms and more, with a number of specifications, from underfloor heating to folding doors. Whatever your needs, you can rest assured knowing that we use only the very best eco friendly building materials.

How much do bespoke garden rooms cost?

We understand that you will want to know how much it’s going to cost as soon as possible. So, as a starting point, we have listed some guide prices on our product pages:

For a more defined price – use our ‘create your own’ form below and we’ll provide you with an indicative quote on one of our bespoke garden rooms.

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