Office overlooking the garden

A perfect view when you’re working, don’t get too distracted though!

Hobby room and study

Adapting to the garden, we kept the trees and nestled the room amongst them.

Home office and study

Eco lighting allows client’s to feel safe as well as being sustainable

Garden rooms for all-year-round

On the coldest of days, our clients are still cosy in their office – stunning and practical

Home office, study and hobby space

"It was a pleasure dealing with Green Studio’s – they have designed and installed a space that we really love"

Garden Office – Cheriton Bishop, Exeter


“It was a pleasure dealing with Green Studio’s – they have designed and installed a space that we really love. With the room being in the corner of our garden, it is conveniently close to the house but also separate enough to offer a quality work, study and hobby space which the whole family enjoys. It has given us that extra room that we now couldn’t live without! I would happily recommend Green Studio’s to anyone considering this type of addition to their home” – Philip MacLauchlan.


Garden office, study/hobby room (multi-purpose).


Deciding to leave city life and move to the country – our clients, Philip and Rachel, wanted to work more comfortably from home when not travelling to clients and needed space to do this. Running a consultancy business; Adept Consultancy, they needed an office that would allow them to feel like they were ‘going to work’. Not only did we design them a beautiful office (take a look at the photos), the room soon became multi-purpose.

The separate room allows their son to use the space for homework and revision – finding a quiet corner in the house isn’t always easy so this is a great alternative. It also gives the family space to relax and has become a bit of a hobby room too.

The room was designed bespoke, and as you can see in the photos, we managed to nestle the garden office within the tree’s – as Philip told us – it almost feels like a tree house, but even better!


With a 2m gap to the garden boundaries, we were able to take advantage of the full 3m height limit for a mono-pitched roof, albeit with lower 2.49m eaves to the rear. The closest ‘standard” model to Philip and Rachel’s office is the Office 4 model.