Artists garden studio

Glazed corner to let maximum light in.

Artists garden studio

Room for office equipment and art paraphernalia.

Artists garden studio

Great outlook into the garden.

Artists garden studio

Focusing on sustainable features.

Artists Garden Studio – Oxford, Oxfordshire


“Everybody that comes here is mighty impressed with our artist garden studio …” – Jill, artist


  • Artist studio – focusing on sustainable features


As a working art studio, the space needed to be practical, and with a preference for sustainability, our design really became even more ‘green’ than usual. Requiring a simple solution for washing paint brushes, we installed slim-line vertical water butts and linked them (which were fitted with a rainwater filter) to a free-standing internal sink unit. With the addition of a motor-home pressure-switch and motor, as soon as the sink tap is released, fresh, filtered rainwater is pumped into the sink. A true eco-solution and a cost effective alternative to excavating a trench and laying a mains water supply.

At the back of the artist garden studio, we constructed a simple, elegant lean-to storage area, complete with Cedar-clad ledge and brace gates and an external power socket, ready to use as a garage with charging-point for our client’s electric pedal cycle!

Not one to be held back by the extent of projects in the garden, our client is now investigating the installation of solar-panels to be installed on the roof for a fully sustainable, self-contained carbon neutral workspace!


  • Rainwater harvesting system to supply water for sink
  • Attached lean-to dry storage area with matching Cedar gates and external charging-point for client’s electric pedal cycle
  • 5.08m wide by 3.68m deep by 2.49m high