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Introducing the new Garden Home Accommodation Range:

We believe in creating amazing contemporary garden home accommodation customised to your individual taste and requirements. We’ve combined some of the best features such as our uniquely designed Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPS) from our current ranges to create studios specifically designated as habitable home accommodation range

We’re simplifying the process for customers who want to use their outdoor buildings for guests or relatives to stay either overnight or long term.

They’re designed specifically with planning permission and building regulations in mind. We can provide a complete service which includes helping you to decide on the best location to achieve this, dealing with local authorities in order to save you any hassle, installation of utilities and all of the detailed design considerations needed to make your project a success.

Of course, every location site is different, so over and above the applicable building regulations we will always talk you through the process of applying for planning approval and make the appropriate recommendations. However, with over 11 years’ experience in this area our initial consultation service can in most cases determine quickly what is possible.

For more jargon busting on planning permission look here.  However, building a great garden home accommodation range is about more than just getting permission, it’s also about designing a great building from scratch.gardn home plan for garden building

All our garden homes benefit from superior building materials. The aforementioned prefabricated SIPS panels are designed and constructed at our own Hertfordshire manufacturing site to strict standards. This means you get exceptionally strong building fabric which has been independently tested to ensure there are no leaks and complies or exceed building regulation standards.

This Fabric First standard means your structure is airtight so less heat escape and you use less energy to heat and cool it all year round. It’s just another reason why our garden rooms make such great habitats.

On top of this the panels are constructed so they are completely portable, minimising any disruption to your property – they can be carried by hand through the main door. This also makes them very flexibility in terms of design layout and structure – so the final garden building can be individualized and customised to suit your intended purpose.NEW garden home accommodation range

With so many choices available, your chosen outdoor living space could be anything from a small one room studio to an impressive garden lodge that resembles a 2 bedroom bungalow. With the option to add just a toilet and wash basin or a full shower area.

So the Accommodation Range could be a great long-term solution if you have

  • Choices to make about elderly parents
  • Are running out of space because you have a new addition to your already grown family
  • Want to have family come and stay for longer but don’t want to give up your privacy.

If you still need help deciding what you want……

Imagine for example a 30 foot outdoor building as either a stunning open plan area or separated to contain a bedroom and kitchen. If you’re feeling really creative we’ll add a mezzanine level which will give you superb views of the garden and tons of extra sunlight. Creating an awesome contemporary space that will be functional and eye catching.

Bearing in mind a garden home’s intended location we’ll use our design skills to ensure your new garden building is symbiotically in tune with the surrounding landscape. We fully appreciate the delicate balance that comes into play when successfully installing a garden building and we are sympathetic to every garden setting. With our hands on project management skills we work hard to ensure everything goes smoothly, so your experience will be completely positive during installation.

And finally, all our ranges are designed with a strong commitment to sustainability so you know you’re getting a unique building, designed around your accommodation needs that has been constructed in an environmentally responsible manner.

For more details or information on our new Garden Home Accommodation range call us on 01923 20 50 90

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