Give your workplace the ‘wow’ factor with these garden office gadgets

Garden office gadgets video doorbell systemA garden office gets you closer to nature – but you don’t have to shun modern inventions as you gaze out upon your garden view. In fact, your studio can be a veritable temple of technology! Find out how with these amazing garden office gadgets.

Stay in contact at the bottom of the garden

A garden office is great for getting away from it all for some quiet concentration… but if you plan to have clients visiting you in your garden studio, the practicalities do need thinking through. How will you know when your visitors have arrived? And will the wifi stretch from your home to the office? Here are some garden office gadgets that will provide the solutions you need.

Video enabled doorbells

garden office gadgets doorbellYou’ll always be available with a video enabled doorbell for your garden office. The equivalent of an intercom, this handy gadget works with your smartphone to send video images to your handset. When your guest arrives, you’ll be alerted instantly and will be able to chat to them from your office.

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Plug-in data connections

If your wifi connection starts to peter out when you leave your back door, don’t worry. Wifi access is easy to achieve with a cheap and simple plug-in solution. Simply connect one part to your home broadband router, plug in the other unit in your office, and hey presto! You have just extended the house wifi, with the same password, down to the bottom of the garden.

Control your lighting and heating remotely

garden office gadgets lighting systemOn a cold winter’s morning, wouldn’t it be nice to enter an office that’s already warm? The dream can be a reality with the Lightwave system – a simple garden office gadget that enables smartphone control of lighting and power. You can remotely turn lights on and off (great if you suddenly remember you’ve left them on when you’re already back at the house, and also an excellent security feature). And, most practical of all, you can also plug in a heater and turn it on ahead of time, to warm up the studio before you begin using it.

Hi-tech garden offices

Garden Office gadgets If you’d like to see some truly impressive hi-tech office spaces, check out these examples of garden offices we have built for clients:

This spacious garden workplace features many garden office gadgets, including an intercom system and Lightwave controlled lighting and power.

A multi-purpose garden studio, this combined workspace and living space features hard-wired data and telephone cabling as well as a wet room, WC, kitchen and mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system.

A dedicated workspace for small business owners, this studio has everything our clients required for a self-contained garden office.

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Garden office gadgets video doorbellFor all new garden room orders placed before 30 April, we’ll include a free RING video doorbell and chime. This is a video enabled doorbell that features two-way voice interactions and sends video to your smartphone from the doorbell.

As part of this fantastic deal we will supply and install this system, including 1 chime device for inside the house, so you’ll never miss any visitors.

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