You’ll want to avoid making mistakes when you begin to research garden rooms. It’s a big purchase and one you’ll be enjoying for many years to come. It helps to make a checklist to when looking for a bespoke garden room but how do you decide what comes first.


Your end goal should be a fully finished, stunning, luxury and contemporary garden room. Something that extends the overall usage of your property, has its own separate entrance and is designed to allow you to carry out whatever activity your heart desires. But knowing exactly what should be top of your checklist can be tricky.


1. Well, for one thing you’ll want to use a company who has lots of experience in doing just that – building bespoke garden rooms – there should be no difference in the way you’d approach a garden room designer to the way you would deal with an architect or builder.

Reputation, is hugely important, so you need to be able to check they can deliver on promises. Finding out if they have lots of happy customers before you part with any money is crucial. You’ll want to check on testimonials, maybe ask to see evidence (case studies and diarised blogs) of smooth and fast installations, and maybe most important of all previous clients who are happy to let you visit so you can make the right decisions.

2. Secondly you might consider design and purpose – will the company you choose be able to provide you with a consultation that results in a specification and quotation, that allows you to see a visual representation of what your garden room would look like. If you have limited access to the garden you will want to discuss the practicalities of this and any solutions that could be available.

Are they experienced in listening and understanding clients’ needs, so that the end result meets the original brief. And finally, how knowledgeable are they in planning permission regulations (PPR) – do you even need them? If you choose a company whose buildings are constructed with PPR already considered, then their experience can remove a lot of the stress. It is also really useful to choose a firm which understands the rules of garden office building regulations too.

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3. One stop shop – do you want to do some bits yourself – such as arranging for an electrician or would you prefer to use someone who has proven experience in handling projects from start (design) to finish (giving you the keys)?

That means apart from excessive preparatory site clearance (although in our experience we can help with that too) you don’t have to do anything but stare admiringly out the window at how quickly it’s installed.

4. Length of warranty – this ties into the all important question of quality and construction – what kind of warranty or insurance is offered and how long will it last. It makes sense that if a company is prepared to offer a 50 years warranty on say an outdoor garden building roof, such as the Eco Slate roofing system

  • which uses a 100% recycled plastic roofing slate
  • is unbreakable (cannot be vandalised, Class 4 impact rating)
  • designed to withstand winds of 110mph

they must be convinced of it integrity and the quality of the components. These points are just a few of the things you should be thinking about to avoid mistakes that will cost you dearly in the long term – with a little pre planning and the right research something as simple as a checklist can make the process of looking for a garden building almost stress free with the right company.

And remember previously happy customers willing to share their experiences are worth their weight in gold, so don’t be afraid to ask to view an existing bespoke garden room.

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If you need more help in choosing your bespoke garden room or would like to look at one of our existing studio that meets your brief give us a call on 01582 805710