Use the space in your garden to create a Granny Annex

If you’re finding it a squeeze fitting everyone into your house, a garden granny annex could be an ideal solution. Did you know you can build a self contained residence in your garden, with its own bathroom and kitchen facilities, without needing planning permission? Read on to find out more.

garden granny annex

Benefits of a garden granny annex

Here are some factors to consider when thinking about a granny annex:


Everyone likes their privacy. A granny annex in the garden combines the comfort of having your relatives at home, with the independence and privacy that both sides value and enjoy. With its own entrance and self contained bathroom, a garden granny annex is a perfect project for anyone who wants to keep their own space while living with relatives.



With a granny annex there’s no need to move to a bigger home, look into care homes or even build an extension. You and your family can continue to live in your house while the building work is carried out. And when the work is done, there’s no need to hire a removal van. Simply take a walk down the garden path, stick the kettle on and start making yourself at home.


A granny annex is a cost effective way of housing all of the members of your family in the same place. When you consider that the average cost of moving house is around £12,000, finding a way to stay in your home becomes an attractive proposition. A good granny annex will be built from environmentally friendly, well insulated materials that make it efficient to heat. And of course, should you ever want to sell, it will add value to your home.

Getting started

In most cases there’s no need to seek planning permission for a granny annex. So you can get started straight away! The first step is to think about your requirements and where the new building will go:

  • How many rooms do you need?
  • What facilities should the granny annex have?
  • Are there accessibility requirements?
  • How much space do you have? How will the granny annex affect your view?
  • How much will it cost to heat?

A good granny annex company will take you through the basics and help you visualise what the finished home will look like. Even in a modest garden, it’s often possible to make space in unexpected places and create accommodation that is roomy and spacious. They’ll also be able to advise you on the issue of planning permission, which in most cases will not be required.

Some ideas to fire your imagination

Here at Green Studios we specialise in luxury garden rooms, putting thought and care into every one of our bespoke designs.

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Take a look at this great video case study which shows how a garden room can provide the space you need to meet your changing family needs.

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