Unique outdoor spaces – No two the same!

Our adaptable luxury garden studios can be a great solution for almost any outdoor space requirement. The portable, prefabricated SIPS wall panels are designed so they can be easily carried even through a standard door width, creating truly unique outdoor spaces without compromising on quality.

Eco-friendly unique outdoor spaces

On top of this your eco-friendly, sustainable building will usually exceed the standard thermal performance found in bricks and mortar, because each panel is constructed to ensure heat is distributed evenly, with no cold spots…which reduces heating costs. This means that you’ll be warm and dry in winter and cool in the summer. unique outdoor spaces

It’s flexible building fabric’s unique construction is robust enough to allow us to adapt each garden room to suit individual client’s needs……creating unique outdoor spaces based on their personalised choices. A win-win solution!

That’s why after our clients we put “Fabric First”

Take the client who runs an organic beer business from their London home. They requested a garden room split into two garden offices, with a bar area to entertain guests and customers. Their existing wooden deck stretched out from the main building and the new garden room drew the two spaces together, creating a fabulous beer garden for visitors to relax in.Unique outdoor space

Then there’s our client based in Hants, who also wanted two rooms within the studio space to run their specialised design and branding business. Same space, two offices, but from that point on the brief was different………this client wanted to use one of the room as a home gym with a WC, as exercise was a top priority.

And the customisation didn’t stop there…..open-boarded Red Cedar cladding gave a sleeker look to the exterior walls …… only used on our Pod range before.

With such a great range of alternatives features and finishes you’ll definitely find a look and style that suits you.

These are just some of the adaptable garden room features available

  • contemporary grey sustainable non-slip hard wood decking
  • smartphone controlled systems, for turning on and off lights and heating
  • sedum or eco slate, for stylish low maintenance roofing solutions
  • Wide range of folding and sliding doors constructed in our own factory to create individualised bright, airy spaces

Any of these and more can be incorporated within our range of garden Pod, garden Office, garden Studios, and garden Lodges as well as our new Urban and Accommodation ranges.

Our uniquely flexible building systems makes great use of the asset sitting right outside your back door. The garden!

There’s no end to the uses for your garden buildings. The only restriction is your imagination and the law of physics and even then we’ll have a go!

So give us a call on 01923 334 550 and chat about creating your unique outdoor space.


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