It is expected that around 6.5 million trees will be sold this weekend alone and whilst debating whether you should buy a real one compared to a ‘pretend’ one, we thought you might like some top tips on being ‘green’. If you know anything about the Green Studios team you’ll know that we are passionate about being eco friendly so we’ll definitely be having a sustainable Christmas. Enjoy the annual trip into the loft to hunt down the Christmas decorations and get the mince pies at the ready!

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Trees

The Forestry Commission (FC) recommend FSC Certified trees which come from sustainably managed forests and use minimum pesticides so don’t harm other forest plants and wildlife. The FC states that real trees use 10 times less materials and 5 times less energy than artificial alternatives. Real trees are also biodegradable and recyclable and won’t add to landfill like plastic alternatives. Click here to find your nearest supplier.

Sustainable Christmas Trees

Rent a Christmas tree

You can now rent a real Christmas tree that will be delivered to your door in December and collected in January. Each tree is grown in a special pot that means it can be transported to you for rent and returned to the farm for replanting when Christmas is over. You get to enjoy a real tree knowing that it will go on living and be used by families to come. Here is a website to take a look at:

Buy Local Organic

Many trees are grown as crops on farms rather than in forests. So, if you can’t get an FSC Certified tree look for an organic local farm that follows a sustainable ethos. Local farms often offer festive events alongside the tree sales and you might even get a glass of hot Christmas cider! (if you’re struggling to find a farm – take a look at this website: – just make sure the farm is ‘green’)

Look in your own garden

The perfect tree may be in your own garden… do you have any evergreens that could do with thinning or a holly bush that could spare a few branches? These could make a great festive display in a decorated pot, draped with lights and baubles – a modern and green alternative to get your guests talking!

Feeling quirky and creative?

If you love a craft project why not try to make your own version of a Christmas tree with recycled products from home? (An after-school project for the children maybe? – Take a look here for some inventive ideas already done across the globe!) Or hang your Christmas cards in a tree shape on the wall using festive string for an effective display.

Whatever you choose – good luck with your Christmas tree shopping!