Christmas and New Year are fast approaching and in between the present buying, Christmas parties and cheesy movies, it’s a great time to ponder your aspirations for 2015. A recent study by Angels Den found that one in ten people put ‘starting my own business’ on their New Year’s resolutions list.

In fact, in 2014, over 4 million people in the UK chose to work from home (the highest number since records began!) and this trend looks set to continue. So, in true pantomime style, we’ve dusted off our magic wand and can help make your home working dream a reality with our choice of bespoke garden offices and studios.

To get you thinking, here are 10 reasons why working from a luxury garden room would give you the ideal start to 2015…

  1. Goodbye stressful commute. Turn up to work in one of our home offices with a smile on your face following a stress-free stroll down your garden. Plus, think of the money you’ll save in fares, parking and petrol, and you’ll be helping the environment too! And, with a comprehensive and inclusive garden room price we can make the whole process as easy as possible for you.
  2. More time for you and your family. Less time commuting so you can pick the kids up from school. Plus, you’ll be less tired and frazzled allowing you more quality time with your family… break out the board games and bike rides!
  3. Be your own boss. Set your hours to suit your schedule. Imagine making time for scrambled egg on toast when you want it rather than a boring breakfast bar on the run? Add in a small kitchen area to your garden room and you can always make time for meals.
  4. Choose the ideal working environment for you. Are you turning the thermostat up but your colleague is always opening the windows? Our garden rooms allow you to create the perfect lighting, temperature and mood that suit your style of working. You can also take your working environment with you anywhere as if you move house then you can take the garden room with you!
  5. Be more productive. A stylish luxury garden office provides an attractive and functional space that will give you the flexibility to work at your best. Whether it’s quiet thinking time or time to turn on your favourite tunes and boost energy levels – the decision is yours!
  6. Fewer distractions. No more annoying interruptions or listening to your noisy colleague chat on the phone. Having a quiet space can make you more focussed and get the creative juices flowing.
  7. A healthier, happier you. You’re in control so make some time to play your favourite sports or maybe add a partition to your garden office and create a space for your own mini gym!
  8. Bring your dog to work. You no longer need to be worried about leaving your dog at home for hours…. he (or she) can chill in your office and offer a welcome distraction when you need a break.
  9. Avoid arguments with your partner after leaving your paperwork all over the kitchen. You can de-clutter your home and have your own office space that lets you draw distinct lines between work and home life!
  10. Want to wear your comfy clothes all day? Now you can! No more 6am stresses because you’ve got no clean, ironed clothes – the dog won’t mind a few creases (as long as you’re not meeting clients!)

So, if you’re thinking of working from home in 2015 and would like help with planning your garden office or would like to chat with one of our clients whose life has changed because of their bespoke garden room, call us on 01582 805710.

Whatever your work-from home needs we have a design to suit you! Take a look at this great video which shows you the design options that we have available.