Ever felt that your home could do with more space? Do you need a spare bedroom to cater for family and friends to stop over for the weekend? Or does planning for Christmas keep you up at night, worrying where everyone will sleep!

  • Maybe you have a large extended family, and entertain visitors from over-seas on a regular basis. You may want to give them (and yourselves) a little elbow-room and independence.
  • Perhaps you simply enjoy hosting dinner parties, have regular visits from friends and want to allow them privacy and a comfortable place to retreat to with all the mod cons.
  • Or do you need a multi-purpose spare room, so as well as a guest room it would double up as a home office or hobby room, for example?

There are lots of reasons to consider extending your house a bit – but why not look at a garden guest room as an alternative way of getting that vital extra room? Your existing home may have scope for a traditional brick built extension, but obviously, any major works can be pretty disruptive to family life. The long term inconvenience of builders coming and going and build-up of dust and debris can prove very stressful. A new building in the garden will be far less intrusive.

You might be surprised how quiet, comfortable and spacious a garden guest room can be – even if your garden is quite modest. Green Studios would be happy to take a look and offer reliable and appropriate advice on what type of garden room would best suit your needs.

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Another way to gain space for a guest room would be to move home, but, in addition to all the upheaval that entails and the probable costs of upgrading, you would have to reckon on spending some £12,000 on expenses alone, (to judge by the national average). Depending on what you are looking at, a garden guest room needn’t cost so very much more than that. And don’t forget that a spare bedroom room would add considerable value to your existing property.

If the room is built by a respected company such as Green Studios, you can be assured that the quality will be excellent. Not only are the rooms highly insulated and designed to avoid condensation, but environmentally-friendly materials are used. There are numerous features that can be incorporated for you. Central (even under-floor) heating, air-conditioning, kitchenette, bathroom, phone, broadband, hot and cold water can all be included.

Take a look at this video case study showing how a garden room can offer you more space for your family.