Not everyone has acres of spare lawn space in their back garden. But even small back yards and gardens can be enhanced with the addition of a compact and attractive garden pod. Find out how small garden rooms can transform a modest patch of land into a smart, functional and good-looking outdoor space.

Garden rooms for small gardens

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Small garden rooms are more common than you think. In big cities where garden space is at a premium, there’s often limited room in which to build. That’s why we at Green Studios specialise in luxury garden pods for compact spaces. These are garden rooms especially designed to fit into small gardens without engulfing the entire area.

With our smallest garden pods typically measuring 3.92m by 3.67m, there’s usually room to build in even the most bijou of outdoor areas. And if you’re still not convinced you have the space, our experienced engineers can survey your land to come up with space-saving solutions designed bespoke for you. We are expert at designing for all shapes and size of gardens, to create a garden room that is truly unique to your home.


In a small garden, it’s especially important to make efficient use of every square foot you have – especially if your house or flat is on the small side, too. Although adding a garden studio does mean filling up a significant chunk of space in your back yard, small garden rooms can actually help you to be smarter about using the space you have. Here’s how:

  • Garden storage. Instead of shoving it all into a shed, cluttering up your indoor space or simply leaving it out in all weathers, you can use your garden room as neat storage space for patio furniture and gardening equipment. Well-designed garden storage will help free up space when the patio set is not in use (so you’ll have enough room for the kids to kick a ball or run around).
  • Bike shed. Does your bike clutter up the hallway? Your small garden room could double as a bespoke bike shed, so you can tidy your trusty cycle away neatly and safely when it’s not in use.
  • All-weather garden enjoyment. If your garden is only used in sunny weather, you’re not getting the most out of the space. With a garden room that functions as a sheltered summer house, you can enjoy being outside while getting all the benefits of being inside! This will enable your small garden to be used to its full potential, and you’ll be able to plan a barbecue without worrying about rain.

If you have an irregularly shaped garden, especially if there’s an odd area of space that’s not currently used to its full capacity, our Green Studios engineers might be able to offer a bespoke, space-saving solution. When planning and designing garden rooms for our clients we’ve devised landscaping plans for a wide variety of gardens, and we’re adept at spotting innovative ways to make the space work.


Designed well, small gardens can be lovely, relaxing spaces that provide all the functionality of a larger space. Your garden pod can be used for all manner of purposes, such as:

  • Home office. If you need a space to work from home, the garden office is ideal. A dedicated, quiet workspace that can permanently house your work-related equipment, a small garden room will ensure that you get things done efficiently, in a peaceful and studious environment.
  • Spare room. Accommodate your guests in comfort with a luxury garden space where they can make themselves at home. Small garden rooms provide the perfect space for putting up friends and family in style.
  • Playroom. If you’re sick of stepping on Lego bricks and looking for a way to rid your home of toys, why not shift it all to the garden? A self-contained playroom can be a private paradise for kids who crave their own space, while the adults luxuriate in a newly clutter-free home.

For further inspiration, check out our ideas on how to use your garden room extension.


Garden rooms are almost always simple and quick to install, but as a homeowner you will no doubt have many questions about the practicalities. Find out more about how it all works:

Sources of inspiration

If you’re still unsure how a garden pod might look in your small garden, take a look at these case studies. All of these small garden rooms were designed and built for modest spaces.

Office Garden Studio Beckett 12
  • Video production suite. This hi-tech workspace, built in a small urban garden, enabled our client to work from home without colonising a bedroom.
  • Artist’s studio. This small garden studio measures 5.08m by 3.68m and is 2.49m high. It’s a practical and compact addition to the home and even includes storage and a charging point for our client’s electric bicycle.
  • Garden office pod. Built to help improve work-life balance, this garden pod is a sleek and clutter-free home office with lots of natural light.

At Green Studios we are always happy to offer information and advice on your garden room project. For more information about our garden rooms for small gardens, check out our garden pods page or contact us to request a brochure. You can also arrange a free consultation to discuss your unique requirements with a member of the team.