You’ve heard of a shed, and you’ve heard of an office. Put them together, and what do you get? The shed office, or “shoffice” (see what we did there?) is an increasingly common option for home workers looking for a dedicated office space. And instead of taking up residence among the spiders in a draughty garden shelter, modernised outdoor spaces offer luxurious accommodation for work-at-home professionals, letting you get the job done in a smart, modular workplace with all mod cons.

Why work from home in a shoffice?

If you’ve heard recent reports about shocking service from certain train operators, or if you’ve experienced an arduous commute yourself, you’ll understand why more and more people are looking to cut down on their journey time to work. In this age of internet connectivity, many, many jobs can be done from home, and those hours spent suffering on trains or in traffic simply don’t need to be wasted any more.

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Employers are increasingly seeing the value in offering flexible, home based options to their staff, who can be more productive when they eliminate that hellish commute.


While the shed office offers privacy for home workers and lets them work in peace whilst family life continues in the house, it also allows busy mums, dads and carers to maximise the time they can spend with their loved ones. Working flexibly in a garden based shoffice can enable you to be much more ‘present’ at the times you’re needed, whether that’s being around to put your kids to bed or popping back for a bite together at lunchtime.

Better mental health

Nourished by the extra leisure time and fortified by the minimal commute, a modular shed office can also help workers to improve their mental health and general sense of wellbeing. With a purpose-built garden office, you can create a working environment that offers bags of natural light and a close connection with nature.

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Considering a modular office for your garden? There are lots of design options open to you. These will take into account your individual circumstances and needs. Things you’ll need to consider include:

  • The size of your garden
  • The nature of your work – do you need any special equipment or features?
  • Do you want a toilet or kitchen within your office space?
  • What are your aesthetic preferences?


At Green Studios we’ve installed lots of modular garden buildings for all kinds of professionals. So if you’re looking for ideas, why not take inspiration from some of our case studies?

You can also find some basic information about our luxury garden office range to give you an idea of prices and specifications.

And if you still need some ideas for your shoffice, check out our video to help you consider your options: Design options for your garden room, and read our blog: Garden office design tips.