Shedworking – the alternative workplace revolution

Shedworking by Alex JohnsonIf you’re interested in garden buildings and thinking of stocking fillers for Christmas – then you must take a look at Shedworking by Alex Johnson.

It’s a fascinating book about the world of outdoor rooms – from potting sheds, to futuristic buildings, it showcases some inspirational designs and great top tips. It’s not just about design though – it takes a view on the ever-important work-life balance and how an inspiring workspace is so important.

We agree with Alex “shedworking is simply more fun, adding a certain pizzazz to your working life, giving you a different angle on work and life”. With the increase of people working from home and a desire for a better work-life balance – finding a perfect space at home is the way forward.

With a thought-provoking introduction, you can’t help but get absorbed and feel inspired by the world of sheds and garden rooms!

Get inspiration from others’ experiences of Shedworking

We particularly like the chapter: At Work In The Shed. Discovering how others use their outdoor space whether for business or leisure. From film makers, artists, specialist printers, cheese makers through to management consultants – there are endless tales from people using their spaces as garden offices and why they love them.

There is also a handy section on planning permission (towards the back) as well as tax implications.

So whether you’re looking for a book to give you inspiration pre-buying your luxury garden studio, lodge, pod or office or just to become absorbed into the world of ‘shedworking’ – this book has something for everyone. Detailed descriptions, tips and anecdotes from around the world through to beautiful images and designs.

If you want to get your hands on a copy of the book – just click here and it will take you to Amazon.

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