Seven reasons to fit a green roof

We love a living roof at Green Studios, and we fit them regularly. But what are the advantages of a green roof? Let’s list some of the many benefits:

1. Green roofs keep buildings cool.

Green roofs absorb heat, while water evaporating from the plants has a cooling effect. This keeps buildings from overheating and makes them more comfortable for those inside. It also reduces the need for air conditioning, which of course saves money and the carbon emissions from running them. That’s especially important in a warming climate, where heat waves are becoming more likely.

2. Good for nature.

While we’re on the topic of what’s good for the environment, green roofs obviously provide an added area of plant-life, which benefits pollinating insects in particular. A slate or EPDM rubber roof is essentially a dead space. A green one is alive, a pocket of natural space that will benefit bees and butterflies.

3. Reducing pollution.

Other environmental benefits include trapping dust and reducing air pollution. This is especially useful with large roof spaces in urban areas, so we’re not sure you’d see a noticeable difference with a small studio space – but every little helps.

4. Reducing floods.

Green roofs absorb rain, slow rainwater run-off and help to prevent floods. In a storm, when a lot of rain falls at once, slowing the flow of water down prevents gutters and drains from being overwhelmed.

5. Controlling noise.

Of more importance to our customers, green roofs can help to dampen noise. That might be protecting the neighbours from what goes on inside the building – beginner’s violin lessons for example. Or it could be about creating a quieter working environment for those inside the building – such as reducing the distraction of aeroplanes taking off from a nearby airport.

6. Green roofs are beautiful.

That’s subjective of course, but there are aesthetic benefits too. We think living roofs are attractive in their own right, something that our customers and their neighbours enjoy seeing from their upstairs windows.

7. Green roofs help buildings to blend in.

A living roof can reduce the visual impact of a building and integrate it into its surroundings. This can be quite important in leafy and green locations, and is sometimes a condition of planning permission.

Living roofs are an optional extra on our flat-roofed studios. If you’re considering one on your new building, get in touch. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.