Enjoy the ultimate luxury in the comfort of your own home. With a garden spa you can relax and unwind in an indulgent retreat, all within a stone’s throw of your back door! We’re here to show you just what can be achieved within your very own garden, to bring you a leisure space that will be the envy of your neighbours.

A Heavenly Haven

Imagine a serene space equipped with a hot tub, dim lights and maybe even a sauna or steam room. Your garden spa could be a haven to retreat to when it all gets too much. Ease your way into the morning with a session in the Jacuzzi, or unwind after a demanding day by withdrawing to your garden sanctuary. Either way, a garden spa could be the perfect place to relax and let your everyday worries simply slip away.

Luxury and leisure combined

A garden spa can be incorporated into a multipurpose leisure space. If you’re looking for something more sociable to share with others, you could incorporate extra facilities that family and friends will love. From a home cinema screen to a swimming pool, the sky’s the limit for your garden room.

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This peaceful haven is used as a family chill-out room where our clients can rest and relax after a swim in their pool. Or you could take inspiration from this larger garden studio which is used as a changing space for the hot tub and a lounge area for general relaxation.

A cosy retreat, whatever the weather

Garden Office Sutton Coldfield

Whether you’re throwing a garden party or need somewhere cosy to hibernate in the winter months, your garden spa will be there for you, all year round. At Green Studios, all of our garden rooms are constructed using the highest quality materials that keep the interior warm in winter and cool in summer.

Heated and insulated for the ultimate in comfort, you’ll be able to enjoy the space whenever you like – so it’ll never be out of use.

Added value

A garden spa may feel like the ultimate indulgence, but it may also be one of the soundest investments you can make for your home. Because garden rooms are such a desirable asset, they can add significant extra value to your home – in some circumstances you could even get back 100% of your investment when you decide to sell.
Alternatively, if you decide to move but can’t bear to part with your garden spa, it may even possible to take it down and bring it with you to your new home!

Make your fantasy a reality

The good news is that Green Studios can make your fantasy garden spa become a reality. Whatever you need, from a simple shelter for your hot tub to a full-on leisure complex, it can be designed and purpose built to your requirements. It certainly beats shuffling off to the shed or retreating to the bathroom for a bit of peace and quiet.

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Ready to get started with your new garden spa? Find out more about our garden buildings or get in touch for a free consultation.