If you run your own business from home you may be interested to know about Enterprise Nation. For many of our clients, our garden rooms are built as garden offices – giving our clients the extra space they need and the pleasure of working in a great environment but not having the expensive overheads of commercial space and a long commute!

Proud to support home businesses

Enterprise Nation are launching on Friday 15th August the UK’s largest home business survey and are celebrating everything about home business over the forthcoming weeks.

Check out their site – www.enterprisenation.com for inspiring stories from entrepreneurs, tips on how to start your own home business, sign up for business events – and much, much more!

At Green Studios, we’re always designing and advising on the best way to create your garden office. Do get in touch if you’d like to hear find our more about Green Studios or have any questions about our home offices and working from home solutions. So, if you’re working from home – or need extra space for your home business, our team can inspire you and give practical advice.

We’d also like to give every home business a pat on the back… we know if takes hard work, dedication and passion to be successful – keep going and well done to you all!