If you have an old shed that’s taking up space in your garden but not actually being used, maybe now is the time for an overhaul. Out with dust and cobwebs, forgotten paint tins and rusty tools. In with a new, improved and very posh, garden shed! We believe that putting your garden space to good use can only bring benefits, offering you a better quality of life and even increasing the value of your home to boot. Here’s how you can transform your garden by building a posh shed (or luxury garden room, if you prefer) that you and your family will love.

No ordinary garden shed

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A garden room from Green Studios is about as luxurious as you can get for a humble shed. With a light-filled space built from well-insulated and energy efficient sustainable materials, your new posh shed will be more like an extension of your home than a draughty outbuilding.

Garden rooms can be used for no end of purposes, from small garden pods that can fit into a shed-sized space, to extensive garden offices or studios, purpose built for everyday use all year round. You can tell from our specifications that our buildings are no ordinary garden sheds.

More than just a storage space

Most garden sheds aren’t much good for anything more than storing your mower and a selection of spades. When you upgrade to a posh shed, however… things start to get a lot more interesting.

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  • Entertain in style. Festoon your garden room with fairy lights and use it as a space to entertain your guests. Whatever the weather, your garden parties will be a hit. You can even keep a fridge in your luxury shed, and stock it with beer and wine to keep your guests in good spirits.
  • Double bubble. Create a relaxation space that doubles as a garden spa complete with hot tub – the perfect place to indulge and unwind after a hard day. Now, that’s a feature you don’t get in most potting sheds.
  • Perfect retreat. Garden sheds have something of a reputation for providing a safe haven when family life gets a bit too much. With a posh shed, you can slip away to the warmth and shelter of a comfortable and welcoming ‘home from home’. Whether you keep it basic or furnish your garden room with TV, gaming equipment or other leisurely pursuits, your posh garden shed will always be there, waiting, when you need a break from family life.

A tardis for your garden

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No, we’re not suggesting that a garden room can help you travel through time. (Even posh sheds have their limitations.) What it can do, though, is help you to make the very best of the limited space that you have in your garden, leaving you with a roomy outbuilding that you might not have thought possible.

Our experienced team here at Green Studios has helped to plan and design garden rooms to fit many unique and often tricky spaces, ensuring that every square foot of land is used to its best potential. Take a look at our case studies to check out some of our previous builds.

For more information on building a posh shed in your garden, contact us for a free consultation on 01582 805710.