Part Two of our focus on our Eco design features is really going green! Here is a myth we’re about to bust – “being sustainable means more money” FALSE! Actually, being green usually means that you are buying higher quality products and our eco friendly building materials often last a lot longer than the cheaper versions.

Using superior products can mean less maintenance for you too – plus, many of our exclusive suppliers often provide warranties and guarantees between 20 to 50 years, so you can be totally confident that your Eco designed building is really built to last knowing that a warranty is included in the garden room.

It’s no surprise to us that many of our clients opt for additional Eco friendly design features to get the most out of their outdoor building. Incorporating sustainable products at its core will give you loads of benefits and is smarter in the long term than choosing a cheaper incomparable product .

A popular optional eco design feature

SEDUM ROOF (or grass, flowery roofs to you and me)

These are becoming increasingly popular with our clients. When you’re upstairs in the house and look out at the garden – the green roof really does add an amazing view.


Here are some of the reasons why our customers choose to upgrade to this option!

  • Can provide extra insulation and reduce noise pollution.
  • Proven to provide warmth in the winter months and keep you cool in the summer, additionally helping to reduce energy bills
  • Absorbs up to 80% of the moisture which lower flood risks and also can relieve man made drainage systems.
  • If you opt for solar panels to help reduce your energy bills, sedum roofs can help disguise them

So now you have your roofing system which looks stunning from the top floor of your home blending in beautifully with the surrounding scenery, but what about the exterior walls…?


We have a wide variety of alternative cladding materials with finishes ranging from native UK timbers to real brick. Yet the real good news is by choosing Cedar Cladding which comes as standard which each garden room, you can also rest assured it will be sourced from FSC accredited sustainable sources. Our timber cladding:

  • comes from fast-growing (easy to manage) readily replenished forests
  • is ready to use in its natural state – requiring minimal maintenance

It is also incredibly durable, owing to the natural resins within. We offer Red Cedar cladding, a softwood cladding as standard but again this can be upgraded and adapted to include a variety of profiles such as this new open board version which is simply stunning.

So there you have it . Two great reasons to choose a quality Eco friendly garden room that will last for years and years. We’re always on the look out for new greener ways of working so watch this space for more updates!

If you’d like to find out more about Green Studios or have a chat about our eco friendly design features call us on 01582 805710 or read more about getting an eco garden room.

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