Part One: What Eco friendly design features can I choose for my garden room?

If like us you’re keen on Green you’ll want to know about our environmentally sustainable design features and eco friendly building materials before you buy a Eco garden room! Whether you want to be more Eco friendly and cut down your commute so are building a garden office, or just like the idea of green sedum roofs – we have the latest Eco-friendly design features ready for you!

Here is Part One of our eco garden room design features that we use as standard in all our buildings.


Putting it simply – our buildings are designed using exceptional insulation materials. So not only are they high quality, we will design and install the building using a technique means that less air escapes (no need to put the heating on).Wall insulation - Eco garden room

And here’s the science bit: You may have heard of Passivhaus or Fabric First ideology – we’ve adopted this approach which basically means you’re choosing design features that create the most energy efficient garden room.

Patching up or adding them on later can’t match designing a ”structurally sound high thermal performance building from the start”. It will also be better equipped to stand up against natures natural deterioration so less maintenance for you. So it’s not really a science, it’s just the way we choose to design and manufacture.

We build from a choice of fabrics (insulation) and our buildings have been independently tested for air-tightness (Or how much air escapes your building – the less the better!).

What does this mean for you?

  • You need to re-heat the air less frequently inside and less air leaks out of your building.
  • A very low carbon footprint from your energy consumption.
  • Our building fabric complies with and often exceeds building regulations standards for a dwelling house (not just a garden outbuilding).

and finally……….

  • You get a building fabric which is airtight and durable, internal walls which are a dream to decorate (although we deliver it fully finished) and a stunning building that all your neighbours will stare at in envy!


Your Eco garden building is supplied with LED lighting that uses 91% less electricity than your standard lighting. Now you don’t have to sacrifice quality of light with feeling good about your footprint. As higher wattage becomes more available and LED technology continues to develop, it’s rapidly becoming the most energy-efficient lighting on the market.ENERGY EFFICIENT LIGHTING - Eco garden room

So again, what does this mean to you?

  • You save money on energy bills
  • You don’t have to put up with dim lighting when entering your garden roomas LEDs give out light almost instantly, helping with those autumn or winter mornings when you start work early (they can even be switched on with our amazing Smart phone tech)
  • Longer lasting bulbs that pay for themselves through energy savings

So if you’re after a sustainable Eco garden room with environmentally friendly features which benefit the planet but also giving you long term advantages, chat to our designers today on 01923 205090

Take a look Part Two.

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