We love green it’s true – there’s no point in denying it – if it helps the planet and our customers, we love it! That’s why we choose to focus on sustainability and eco friendly building materials as well as design when creating our garden buildings. Great eco design features go hand in hand with quality – another one of our favourite words. So once you gathered all these elements together in a building you have the makings of a perfect outdoor space.

If you read the first two blogs in this series you’ll remember how we raved about our standard eco design features. Also about how sustainable and quality products can save you money in the long term, because they are more durable and need less maintenance.

We explained how each garden building we design uses the highest quality, sustainable materials, with optional extras and upgrades which can alter its style, layout and even its impact on the local ecosystem.

For example, with finishes such as sedum roof you go a step further in supporting local wildlife. But let’s not forget these elements are brought together to create for you a space that will suit your intended purpose. So this 3rd and final homage to “eco friendly design features” is going to focus on just.

How eco design features can create the perfect sustainable outdoor space for you

Let’s imagine you want to create an outdoor building for occasional visitors but you’d also want to use it as a separate cinema room or for special occasions. Our designers job is to get your detailed brief and then design a space adapted to your particular needs. So for example in a 20’ lodge you could have two separate rooms, with one as a sleep area for your guest subject to any planning permission requirements.

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If your guests decide to stay a little longer they could even treat the cinema room as an en suite sitting room. We could also include a small wash area, so effectively your outdoor building would be a separate space sectioned off for total privacy for both you and your guests. Yet, when no one is staying you can use it to host movie nights.

So what eco design features can help to create this wonderful private space?


The interior walls we use are made from 100% recycled materials – 80% recycled plasterboard and 20% recycled textiles lined with Fermacell boards. They are put together in our Hertfordshire factory and the Structural Insulated Panel Systems (SIPS) innovative construction means quicker installation and the best possible thermal performance. They are designed to be quickly adapted to create internal walls and can be upgraded to accommodate and contain any noise pollution level. They are also

  • Designed to maximum the internal space
  • Beautifully finished and designed to hide nasty pipes and cables
  • Incredibly strong. You can hang anything up to 50 kg from a single screw

A-rated windows

All our windows and doors are manufactured in our own factory and made from aluminium which comprising over 90% recycled materials. 100% recyclable at the end of a (long) life. We offer A-rated windows and doors that add extra energy-efficiency to your garden buildings. We can also provide made to measure blinds to help control lighting levels.


All this means we control the range and quality of this product which can be adapted and designed to our specifications. So we could create for you a stunning outdoor space to ensure your guests experience the positive rays of the morning sun, but you also benefit from the best viewing experience when enjoying your favourite movies. Your neighbours will be green with envy!

We hope this series of blogs has shown we are serious about our mission is to help you realise your dream of a sustainable garden building. If you have any questions or you’d like more information about our featured designs then give us a call on 01582 805710