November 5th – Where did you celebrate Bonfire night?

Date: 06/11/2013

We cling to the summer with Autumn BBQs, but celebrating bonfire night on November 5th signals winter is just around the corner. This traditional outdoor event finds us gratefully wrapping up warm to keep out the cold and rain.

Stepping out into the chilly November night for meditative fire gazing or tucking into a piping hot jacket potato whilst sipping delicious cocoa, you can be glad you bought your luxury garden lodge as everyone gathers on the decking.

You could have chosen to watch fireworks at a local park with 1000’s of others but seeing the whole thing from your warm and dry garden room has lots of perks.Fireworks on bonfire night

You avoided the crowds and muddy fields enjoying instead a spectacular outdoor event from your sustainable non-slip hardwood decking. You’re watching fireworks safely behind full length bi-folding doors without missing a thing.

No queuing for anything, all the amenities you need in one place, and with the best in housing standard insulation somewhere warm to go should the wind try to blow you away.

Everyone still experiences all the awe and excitement of an outdoor event but with:

  • a front row seat
  • their own choice of music and better still,
  • hotdogs and burgers from the local butcher down the road.

For that community feel maybe you invited your neighbours round.… then watched them gasp as your beautifully lit garden room looks awesome underneath fireworks.

You might even make this an annual event they can look forward to for years to come as the best November 5th party in town. What lovely memories to look back on….warm and toasty at your own private bonfire party.

So wherever you chose to celebrate November 5th this year we hope you had a “Happy & Safe Bonfire Fire” night!

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