Students today are under pressure. Doing well in exams is important to secure a good future – and with money tight and the focus on results, life at uni isn’t the carefree, social experience it once was. Over one fifth of undergraduates are choosing to save cash by living at home, rather than shelling out for rent. What can parents do to ease the burden? A quiet, dedicated home study area is a must for both school-age and university students. Read on to find out how a garden study could yield great results for your family.

A quiet place to hear yourself think

A luxury garden room provides a peaceful haven, away from the hustle and bustle of the home. With a comfortable, dedicated space for a desk, books, files and IT equipment, it can help students to stay organised, concentrate deeply and focus on their work – not always an easy task if working on the kitchen table. Studies have shown that exposure to natural environments as you study can improve the attention span – so working in a study in the garden with plenty of green space all around can only help to increase productivity.

Garden study

Space for books and equipment

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Some fields of study require a lot of equipment. If your son or daughter studies art, textiles, music or science, they will appreciate having a space that lets them work uninterrupted, without having to clear away their equipment every time they leave the room. A purpose-built study space is also ideal for group work, so fellow students can get together and study in comfort.


If you’re imagining a glorified garden shed, complete with draughts and cobwebs, think again. Our garden rooms are extremely well-insulated so they can be used all year round, just as comfortably as the rest of your home. Depending on your budget you can install plumbing and electricity to make your luxury garden pod into the perfect retreat for work, study or simply some peace and quiet with garden views. We offer a range of options to fit all spaces so that you can build the perfect, bespoke study for your family.

Adaptable study space

Your garden room doesn’t have to be vacant when your offspring are out of the house. For students who spend most of the day at school, college or uni, a study can be an adaptable space. Parents could utilise the environment as a garden office during daylight hours, handing it over in the evenings for homework, revision and general study. And when your kids finally fly the nest, as fully fledged graduates, you can reclaim the space… until they come home again, that is.

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Whoever is using it and whatever they do inside, the garden study provides the ideal break from the noise and chaos of family life.

Find out more

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