National Work Life Week – “Love where you Work” and work from home

Date: 24/09/2013

This week we’re celebrating National Work Life Week along with the rest of the country

Launched by ‘Working Families’ it focuses the spotlight on issues surrounding the office. Encouraging organisations and individuals to explore topics such as ‘work-life balance’ and ‘real life change’, they ask Britain to get involved.

The country joins in with educational and promotional activities…….. and at Green Studios we’re running a competition for the many individuals now choosing to work from home……..find out more at the end of this article!White picket fence- work from home

Working from home can mean the absence of a traditional structure so it’s even more important that boundaries are established, but that can be tricky working from inside the house.We’ve many clients who’ve experienced this hurdle and therefore chosen to work in a Garden office.

Here is a Case Study about one of our clients who experienced some of these issues.

Clearly work-life balance is about quality of life. Home offices give workers the same opportunities to be productive but avoid the stresses faced daily by fellow commuting worker. At the end of the day in one of our home offices, you can close the door and walk across your garden straight home to relax.

A logistical change that helps you separate life and work could eventually change the way you feel about work. We believe that well known expression “live to work or work to live” could soon be replaced with “love where you work”.

Think about waking up later each day and taking your time to get ready. After breakfast you do some online grocery shopping, and other ad hoc tasks before you llove where you work- work from homeeave. Your garden office has options for internet access and phone services so you can do everything that you need to do – just like in a traditional office.

Weather and traffic, no problem, it only takes you 2 minutes to get to your new contemporary, bespoke garden office. You start your day stress free arriving at your desk fresh and energized. Your new Smartphone technology turns on the heat and light, so it’s warm and toasty before you enter.

It’s easy to see why you could love an outdoor work space

Your office conveniently placed at the end of the garden could give you extra time to enjoy your life. It could be the first step towards having a workspace you love. No wonder you’re smiling!

Why don’t you visit our Facebook page or Google Plus and upload your favourite garden office pictures. Tell us how you intend to celebrate National Work Life Week and we’ll pick a winner next month who’ll receive vouchers to spend in a shop of their choice.








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