Need some space? Retreat to a luxury haven right on your doorstep. There are a million uses for a ladies-only garden room, from the practical to the downright indulgent. What will you do with yours? Check out these amazing and inspiring she-shed ideas.

Relaxing sanctuary

We’ve all heard of the Man Cave. Typically an exclusively masculine domain located in a garden shed or garage, it’s a place where the man of the house can escape for an hour or two, drink beer and indulge his inner Neanderthal. And now, rather than being confined in the house, women can officially retreat to a sanctuary all their own – and one that’s a little more classy than its male equivalent. Within the confines of the she-shed, ladies can relax in peace, away from the demands of family life and children. Whether you choose to meditate and practice your yoga, or get the girls round for a spa evening, your sanctuary could just help you to revive your mind, revitalise your body and save your sanity.

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Business HQ

Do you work from home? If you need an office, workshop or studio, or require a dedicated space to host your clients, your garden she-shed could be the perfect base for your home business. With all the tech you could wish for, from Wi-Fi access to video doorbells, a garden studio can be as well-appointed as any office block. Plumbing can be provided, so whether you’re an artist, a hairdresser or a chef, your garden headquarters can provide all the facilities you need to get the job done. Separate from the house, it will be an ideas space that allows you to focus, while keeping your commute down to mere seconds.

Hobby room

Do you have a leisure pursuit that’s taking over the house? Or maybe there’s a hobby you always wanted to take up, but haven’t had the space. The she-shed can enable you to pursue your interests, providing a safe and secure room that’s dedicated to your chosen occupation. Looking for ideas for hobbies to enjoy in your she-shed? How about:

  • Aerobics
  • Cinema
  • Drawing
  • Dressmaking
  • Electronics
  • Gym
  • Music
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Yoga
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While a she-shed is your domain, it can occasionally be used for other purposes, too. If you have guests to stay over, they’ll appreciate a self-contained spare bedroom where they can make themselves at home. With the option of fully plumbed-in bathroom facilities, your garden guest room will be so luxurious, you’ll want to stay there yourself! If you’re short on space, a garden room is an original way to expand your home while benefiting from the beautiful natural surroundings of your garden. With an attractive design and high-quality finish, it is a desirable addition that will add considerable value to your home.

A stylish space that’s just for you

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However you choose to use it, we can guarantee that a garden room from Green Studios will be stylish, sustainable and designed bespoke to meet your needs. If you’d like to find out more or even get more she-shed ideas, check out our garden room designs, see our case studies or contact us for a free consultation.