Looking after your parents – a granny annexe in the garden could be the answer

Holding hands elderly and younger: granny annexe in gardenIt’s a fact, we’re all living longer. In the past, looking after your elderly relatives could be limited to an assisted facility, care home, or even moving them in with you. If space is an issue, this might be an agonizingly difficult decision but one most of us have to make.

Today’s rising healthcare costs and frequent quality of care issues can make finding a solution that keeps everyone happy overwhelming.

Yet there’s a way you can keep costs down, look after mum and dad and still make sure they have the best care. What about building a granny annexe in the garden offering traditional yet contemporary in design?

Using your outside space to provide extra accomodation with habitable garden studios is now a viable solution. With our luxury accomodation range, it’s possible to bring your parents’ home and provide them with their own space, comfort and privacy. Our garden rooms are built using insulation standards that are higher than your average home so they are even more efficient; keeping cool in the summer and cosy in the winter. What a great way to answer the dilemma of how to look after your parents – a granny annexe in your garden!

Here are a few more benefits

  • Your close-by in case they need you
  • Privacy for your relatives so they still feel independent
  • On average the build can be completed in less than a month
  • A self-contained annexe can add value to your home

In addition to this, a garden room gives you the option to custom build the entire space to suit your loved ones adapting to their needs as they get older – e.g.

  • Ramped access
  • High level power sockets
  • Sit down shower
  • Grab rails
  • Strategically placed alarms
  • User friendly kitchen
  • Improved sound insulation, fire-proofing and durability for the entire building

All designed to give your parent’s maximum comfort and protection when they need it most.

So why choose to have a granny annexe in your garden to look after your parents?

If you need more convincing remember installing a granny annexe means a separate building and front door – so you and your parents can enjoy space and privacy within the boundaries of your home. Our secure locking system also means that you will have no worries about your parents security in their garden building.

We offer a range of garden buildings so you’re bound to find one that suits you. Our garden room case studies also provide a great means of inspiration.

Touching hands image courtesy of worradmu/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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