Our workspace can influence our state of mind, and that’s especially true of home workers striving to create a delineation between domestic and professional life. So if your desk is buried under a mound of paperwork, or your home life is inching into your office space, better storage could help you to be more streamlined and organised, both physically and mentally. Try these home office storage solutions for some simple techniques to clear out the clutter.

Digitise your documents

From tax returns to client correspondence, working from home involves keeping tabs on a plethora of paperwork. But perhaps it’s possible to cut down on the space it occupies, without losing any information. By tackling your tax affairs online and digitising other important records, you may be able to ditch the bulk of your printouts, in favour of a computerised system that takes up far less physical space. Just be sure to back it all up.

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Some of us are minimalist in our approach to working life, but others tend more towards the other end of the spectrum! But however much of a hoarder you are, it’s important to ensure that your office only contains the items you need for work. Do a thorough audit of everything you currently house in your home office, and note down any that you don’t use or access on at least a weekly basis. This could be anything from old project notes to bulky items of furniture. These are things that, while you might not want to chuck them altogether, can be moved into a different part of your home, giving you more space to focus.


If you’re working in cramped conditions, it can be really difficult to maintain a tidy office. Why not consider some foldaway furniture that can be tidied away at the end of the day? Fold-up desks, chairs and other versatile items could make a difference to the space you have available and free up more room for storage for your home office.


Take a look around your working environment. Are you really making the most of the entire space? Walls and ceilings are often under-used, but can offer extra storage space for everything from files to furniture. Even something as simple as swapping your desk lamp for a wall-mounted light can free up more storage space at ground level.

It’s a basic requirement for a tidy office: everything you keep in your home workspace must have a place of its own. If objects are crowding you, it may be because there’s nowhere to put them away!

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Invest in an attractive desk tidy for those everyday bits and bobs, and consider putting up some shelving to accommodate your extra stuff without encroaching too far into the room. For bulky or specialist equipment, consider a bespoke storage solution, created just for you – take inspiration from this uniquely designed home office with bike shed, a garden office storage solution created especially for our cycle-mad client.


Yes, working from home does usually mean staying in the house to get your work done. But have you ever considered the potential of a garden office? If your business is taking off and you need some extra space, a purpose-built garden HQ with built-in bespoke storage solutions could be just the thing. Browse our range of garden offices and get in touch to see how we can help you.