224, that’s the average number of hours a Londoner spends commuting each year….and for many of us it’s a helluva lot more! In contrast the rising trend in home working and self-employment is creating a demand for “fit for purpose” homeworking spaces.

Achieve this with a dedicated space, such as bespoke garden office or studio. Something separate from the main building, so you can put those extra hours to good use….. improving productivity and your work/life balance.

If you create simple guidelines you can make the most out of working from a bespoke luxury garden office:

  • Create boundaries: let everyone in the main house know that this you’re office and ask them to respect it. If you think of it as your work space so will they!
  • Take regular breaks – remember, on the bright side you won’t have the normal work interruptions…..but factor them in as you’ll miss those lost chit chats that prevented you staring at a screen for 2 or 3 hours.
  • Look after yourself: Work with your garden room designer by looking at various lighting layouts and options. Think about where to place them so they can be easily adjusted, or use as much natural light as you can to prevent your eyes getting tired.
  • This one is simple…..don’t skip meals……install a small versatile kitchen area in your garden office, you don’t want to risk being waylaid back in the main building just because nature calls.

You’ll also need to organised……this isn’t as bad as it sounds – yes, it does mean being disciplined and focused… idea is to section off your day into chunks according to your energy levels. If you know you’ve got more energy in the evening some pre-planning will help you include lots of extras such as affordable smart technology. You can control the heating and lighting (and even the blinds) from the house or the car so it warm and cosy when you arrive.

Include some non-slip composite decking and external energy saving lighting and use the time you’ve saved to end the evening dining Al Fresco…no more rush hour for you!

Hit the ground running in your bespoke garden office

Before you move in to your custom-built studio, consider things like connectivity and how it will be incorporated into the space……to be efficient you need to communicate with your clients or the office but you don’t want to trip over wires, so have them built into the fabric of the building and keep everything neat and tidy!

As you begin to get more out of your life you find you’ve got time to finish that project, work on research, make sales calls or even do your own marketing. Whatever you like in fact, it’s your tailor-made outdoor office space, and you’ll have the freedom to decide what suits you.

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And the extra bonuses: You’ve probably saved on parking costs and this can add up to a tidy sum to be reinvested in your future or used for a holiday.

There’s more quality time with your family because you’re not frazzled when you walk through the door, after being stuck on a hot, dirty train for the last two hours, so you’re happier…and that is good for business. Our dedicated team will install the building and we can offer garden office planning permission help too so that the whole project will be simple and hassle free for you.

So if you’d like help with planning your made-to-measure outdoor space or to chat to one of our clients whose life has changed because of their bespoke garden office call us on 01582 805710