Garden art studio – no need to tidy up everyday

When people start to enjoy art they often begin in the kitchen or spare room. No one intends to make a mess, but it’s easy for paint spills and sticky stuff to overrun the house. If you’re good at cleaning up, no problem, but accidents can still happen. Imagine your frustration arriving back from the shops, to find the dog has added a “Hollywood Walk of Fame” set of  paw prints to something you’ve spent hours working on.Doggy Artist: garden studio for an art study We’ve worked with loads of artists who rather than tear their hair out have considered transforming outdoor room into a garden art studio.

A garden room can provide a haven for creative expression 24/7, and when you’re ready for a break your work is secure and protected within our well insulated and eco friendly outdoor buildings.

No need to tidy up everyday in your own garden studio! You can…

  • Leave your paint pots out
  • Leave canvases to dry without the risk of being disturbed or knocked over
  • Have enough space to keep a large number paints, brushes, canvases etc

And in addition to the practical benefits there are creative ones

  • Privacy to express yourself
  • Freedom to organise the room how you want
  • Space to plan and take artistic risks

If you don’t currently have an outdoor room you could create a space designed with your chosen layout and include a number of additional features:

  • Rainwater harvesting system to supply water for the sink
  • An integral storeroom
  • A separate washroom or a wet room environment

So if your home feels like ‘a paintball zone ‘ where full body armour is needed for protection, consider using a garden room for your art studio. Take advantage of the many uses for your garden room and spend your time finishing your masterpiece.

To see an example of what you could do, take a look at our case study of a great garden art studio. If you don’t currently have a garden room you can create your own online digital version here and take the first step toward building a great garden art studio.




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