Have you invested in a new garden studio and need to know how to create the wow factor inside as well as outside? Garden studios are a stunning addition to any home and are designed to be noticed and celebrated. Focusing on garden studio interiors creates an attractive and comfortable space that will truly become an extension of your home.

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It’s tempting to rush ahead and focus on colour schemes and soft furnishings, but hold back. Consider what you’re using the garden studio for and make sure that the design and layout will truly meet your needs, both now and in the future. Here are some useful tips for planning your garden studio interiors:

  • Think about where you want the doors and windows to be – you need to maximise natural light and have easy and practical access inside the studio.
  • Make sure that your power sockets are easy to access and won’t be blocked by furniture or storage.
  • Position your desk or seating area where you can make the most of your view. Getting close to nature does wonders for well-being and getting creative juices flowing.
  • Choose lighting carefully. Your garden studio may have practical uses but it’s also a home from home. Opt for spotlights during the day and lower, more intimate lighting in the evenings. This will help to separate the different functions of your garden studio.
  • Furniture and storage is key to your garden office interior design. If you are limited for space, get your furniture properly fitted with built-in storage. This will not only look far more stylish than freestanding pieces, it will meet your practical needs and maximise the space available.
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Once the practical design is taken care of, you can focus on the fun bit! Your garden room can be beautiful and homely as well as modern and functional. Best of all, this is your bespoke space, so create a design that reflects your personality, vision and passions.

Decide whether you want to go modern or aim for a more vintage look. If you go modern, opt for white or neutral interiors with photographs or artwork for effect. This artist garden studio in Tunbridge Wells is a fine example. Keep furnishings simple and avoid clutter with clever use of storage. A minimalist approach to design will keep the focus on the natural light and stunning setting of your garden studio. If you want a more traditional and homely feel for your garden studio interior, focus on warm colours such as mocha or elderflower. Lamps and scatter cushions will create a cosy impression and your choice of artwork on the walls will help your garden room feel lived in.

Whether you opt for modern or vintage, contemporary or cosy, our range of garden studio interiors will wow family, clients or guests. A well-designed interior can transform your outdoor space and create an environment that you’ll never want to leave. If you’re looking to invest in a luxury garden studio with top quality insulation and bespoke design, contact us directly for more information.