One of the big attractions of a garden room over a big extension project is that it’ll probably require a lot less red tape. But do garden rooms need planning permission, and if so, is it easy to secure? In this article we’ll explore all the issues surrounding garden rooms and planning.

Size doesn’t always matter

Although planning regulations can restrict the extent of your build, size often isn’t the main issue when it comes to garden rooms and planning permission.

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Other factors more likely to come into play include its intended location (for example, its distance from the rest of the property), its appearance, and what you plan to use it for (in Scotland and Wales, for example, you’ll need planning permission if your garden room will have a business-related purpose.) In most cases, however, a typical garden room build is unlikely to be a problem; since 2008, planning permission regulations have been relaxed, meaning that most garden rooms designed for use as domestic outbuildings will in all probability be classed as permitted developments.


Do garden rooms need planning permission where you live? The rules surrounding planning permission do vary in different parts of the UK. England has different planning criteria to Scotland and Wales, so make sure you swot up on the right planning rules for your nation when you’re doing your homework before planning your project. (See our more comprehensive guide to planning permission in different nations of the UK.) If you live in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or World Heritage Site, National Park or Conservation Area then you are more likely to be required to secure planning approval – but we can work with you to ensure that you tick all the right boxes to minimise this possibility.


With a good understanding of the types of build that tend to require planning permission, you can be strategic about your garden room design. For example, the designs in our Garden Pod range are really unlikely to require planning approval, making them a great choice for any garden!

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Here at Green Studios we can talk you through the ins and outs of garden rooms and planning permission, working together to plan a proposal that has the best chance of meeting all the right criteria.

There are often ingenious ways to comply with planning regulations – we routinely offer “low roof” options on our garden offices and studios, for example, by digging deeper foundations. See how we designed a garden office set in the ground for one client, to comply with planning regulations.


If you do end up needing to apply for planning permission for your garden room, we promise you won’t be left alone with a pile of jargon-packed forms. At Green Studios we offer a full planning application service, so that if you find yourself required to complete a planning application before your build can go ahead, our experts will be able to take care of it for you, dealing with your local authority to maximise your chances of getting the go-ahead. Here’s how we supported one family in their planning application for a family room and home gym.

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