Do garden rooms need to meet British standards?

We’re often asked questions when clients are deciding on their garden room and recently came across  “Does my garden room need to be of a specific British standard”? Here’s a quick response in case you were wondering the same thing!

Q: Does my garden room need to be of a specific British standard?

Many companies will tell you they comply with British Building Regulations standards but this is irrelevant and misleading. Outdoor buildings don’t need to comply in the first place as they are largely exempt for floor areas of up to 30m2.

We do however hold our garden rooms up against the more stringent standards required for new build dwelling houses. That’s because we want you to be assured, that your building is built to the same standards if not better than your main home.

Here is a simple guideline to help you:

Use this as your yard stick for each of the main elements of construction and then compare like for like:

Thermal insulation performance is measured using ‘U’ values (W/m2K) – the lower the number, the better

  • 0.30W/m2K for walls
  • 0.25W/m2K for floors
  • 0.20W/m2K for roofs

It’s worth noting at Green Studios we consistently exceed these levels with our standard product. This is why our garden rooms are cool in the summer and warm in the winter – habitable all-year-round!

If you’d like to get more information or help with designing your own high performance garden room then contact us here.

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