We’re proud of our product – it’s true and we aren’t afraid to boost – put us to the test………challenge us to build a garden room that you and your neighbours will love! Why are we so good at designing a garden room you ask?

Well, that’s easy to answer – firstly it’s because we treat each client as an individual – we work with you to create exactly what you have in mind……..we sit down and listen to what you’d like space to do for you. Whether you are concerned about needing to treat and maintain your garden building or you have an issue with limited access to the garden we can help!

We understand it’s going to be more than just a room to sit in and watch tv or to practice your golf swing.

It’s a place where you can get ready for the day you meet Tiger Woods or Adam Scott. Or you can get away from the sensory overloaded fast lane, and watch those classic movies that come alive on your big 50” screen.

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We’ve got over 20 years’ experience in understanding individual clients needs e.g. if a client is in the music industry or just wants the confidence to experiment – we offer them extra insulated walls which also deliver a higher thermal performance. This allows them to express themselves whilst ensuring noise pollution is kept within legislated guidelines.

Or for the client who loves the garden all year round and wants to let in as much natural light as possible we’ve created the Urban range. Its mezzanine section can boast a full height roof which features two distinctive roof windows. All totally bespoke!

Once given a job we pull out all the stops to deliver on our client’s “garden room challenge” by working together to find a way to create a design that you’ll love and meets the brief and goals.

The second reason is simple – we’re really great at design!

We love it, we spent lots of time problem solving and thinking about how we can improve things – we are crazy about architecture and we also believe garden rooms should be built to the same or better standards than current building regulations stipulate – we build them to last!


• Our Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP’S) are tested and proven to be 75% more effective than required – we make sure the building fabric is built to exceed building regulation standards in air tightness – giving you a strong, durable structure
• Adjustable reinforced foundations – this flexible system increases air-flow which again prolongs the life of the structure.
• Energy efficient lighting – this decreases your future carbon footprint and saves you money in the long term

We put ourselves in your position – we already know the reason you’ve opted for a separate building is you’re looking for something special………..something you can’t achieve in the house. We helped tons of clients get the most out of the space lying just outside the backdoor – your garden.

We understand that you’ve already put a lot of effort into planning your outdoor building, that you’ve decided the garden is the right location and that you want it to blend effortlessly with the whole property – so we work really hard to make it happen and ensure you play a huge part in the process.

We work hard to make sure that the house will be complemented by the luxury garden room, whilst respecting the garden space itself – that’s because we also love the natural world and want to preserve it for the future as much as possible.

So go ahead and challenge us to prove we can design the best outdoor garden building for you – it’s what we’re good!

Call us on 01582 805710 and ask us to get cracking on designing a garden room just for you today!