Setting up an office in your own garden is a dream come true for most home-workers and entrepreneurs! Investing in a Garden Room for your workspace can transform your life, with a bespoke and practical garden office design offering up an effective working environment – no more endless commutes, board meetings or office distractions.

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Have you taken the plunge and opted for the good life with a Garden Room home office? If so, you deserve to create an attractive, comfortable and stylish space that you’ll be proud to show to prospective clients. Read on for our top garden office design tips:

Get planning for your perfect layout

Start by deciding on the best layout for your Garden Room home office solution. Are you likely to be working alone, or will you have regular office support or visits from clients? If you are planning lots of client liaison from your home office, you will need good quality chairs and room for display materials. Many garden rooms can even be divided to create a work area and a separate meeting room, transforming an outdoor space whilst providing an effective working environment. For visiting clients, your décor and interior styling should match your business branding; this will put clients at ease and will create a professional impression. Careful design planning can make a huge difference – if space is at a premium, you’ll want to make every inch count.

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Make yourself comfortable

You are likely to spend many hours of your time in the Garden Room, so make yourself comfortable! Invest in a supportive, ergonomically correct chair – this isn’t the time to cut corners on quality.

Limit the clutter and paperwork with proper storage solutions and try to stay on top of keeping surfaces clear. Garden Rooms are all about creating the ultimate modern, eco-friendly and stylish home office solution, so get creative with storage and it will make all the difference.

Personalise your home office space

Even though you may want to keep your office colour scheme on-brand, you can still add plenty of personal touches to your office design. Whether you decide to add a small selection of your favourite artwork, inspirational quotes to keep you focused or flowers from your garden, these added finishing touches will create a homely office space that will make going to work in the morning all the more enjoyable!

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Don’t forget the view

If you’ve spent the last few years staring out at an industrial unit or soulless business park, having a view of your own garden in your office will do wonders for getting your creative or entrepreneurial juices flowing. Position your desk towards the window so that you can enjoy the view and benefit from plenty of natural light. Best of all, once you’ve finished for the day you can relax in the comfort of your own garden in a matter of seconds!

Garden rooms are a stunning, stylish and eco-friendly home office solution to creating the perfect work-life balance. Green Studios are renowned for garden office design, providing luxury garden offices which are highly insulated and built using environmentally-friendly materials.