8 Easy Ways to Give your Garden a Makeover

If you haven’t set foot in your garden since autumn, now’s the time to get out there! With signs of new life springing up all around, this is the perfect time to prettify your garden, ready for the warmer weather. Try these simple garden makeover ideas to make the most of your outdoor space.

1.    Pot some plants

potted plant

Potted plants are so versatile and can make a home in even the smallest of gardens. They’re especially suited to paved or concrete back yards where there’s nowhere to dig. To really make an impact, choose your potting containers with care. You could paint a set of earthenware pots in complementary colours, or get really creative and upcycle a planter from materials you have lying around. Old drawers, painted tyres and even wellies are all perfect receptacles for your next botanical project. You could even use a colander as a hanging basket!


2.    Create a dining area with a difference

Do you have a picnic table or a garden furniture set? For an easy garden makeover, make this into a focal point. Invest in some brightly coloured picnic tableware to and give your table a lick of paint to transform it into a feature piece.


3.    Lighten up

Looking forward to long, lazy summer evenings in the garden? Light a path back to the house with some pretty solar lights.


4.    Spend time on the fence

If you have a garden fence, give it an updated look by painting or staining it. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference it’ll make to the overall look of your garden.


5.    Grow your own

vegetable patch

Harvesting your own produce is a healthy hobby that’ll save you cash and turn you on to the joys of eating fresh. And you can make your veg patch look great, as well. The best garden design ideas are both functional and beautiful, so plan your layout with care. Raised beds are inherently attractive, and you can create whatever shape suits your needs. Plant herbs and edible leaves for a fragrant patch that’s perennially productive.

6.    Maximise your light

Sometimes, going outside isn’t enough to guarantee sunshine. If your garden is north-facing, or overshadowed by a neighbouring tree, you (and your plants) are probably fed up with being stuck in the shade. Don’t worry, there are some simple tricks you can use to bring more light into the garden. Positioning mirrors in the brightest sections of your garden is a quick fix that’ll make a big difference.


7.    Give your benches a boost

When you’ve done all the hard work on your garden makeover, you’ll want somewhere to sit and enjoy it. Treat yourself to some colour-coordinated cushions to go with your garden bench or chairs.


8.    Upgrade your shed

Garden office central london

It’s lovely to be outdoors, but sometimes it’s even nicer to enjoy the garden from somewhere sheltered and warm. If you have a draughty old shed that’s seen better days, it might be time for an upgrade. Why not install a luxury garden pod in time for summer? It’ll make the perfect base for garden parties and barbecues – and it’ll help you to enjoy your garden in the winter months, too.

Read more about our selection of contemporary garden pod designs and grab some outdoor entertaining ideas to fire up your imagination for the summer.

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