Retreat to a Garden Den: The perfect leisure space for all weathers

If you enjoy spending your spare time gaming and socialising at home, why not consider a garden games room? A garden den just a few steps away from the house could be the perfect space for you to watch sport while leaving the main TV free, play games on your own or with friends, or just hang out in peace with a drink.

Golfer plays virtual golf in his garden den

A place for big stuff

Providing lots of additional leisure space, your external den could be the ideal place to keep the kit that takes up just that little bit too much room in the house. Whether it’s a table tennis or pool table, pinball machine, jukebox or even a well-stocked fridge or bar, installing an outdoor games room will free up space in your home, give you a special sanctuary away from the house, and last but not least, make you the envy of all your friends.

A cut above the garden shed

In times gone by, a garden shed or garage might have been the space you commandeered for leisure pursuits, or just to get away from it all for a bit. Think of it as a new, improved, deluxe version. No more draughty doorways or leaky roofs – today’s garden rooms are well insulated, warm and cosy, and can be used in all weathers. With all mod cons including electricity, as well as plumbing for a kitchen and toilet if you so desire, the garden shed of old has definitely undergone an upgrade.

Leisure and luxury

If your dreams are bigger than the average flatscreen TV, you could use your new den as a private cinema. Alternatively, if being active is more important to you than chilling out with a film, we could build you your own personal garden gym. There’s no limit to the luxurious leisure facilities we can install in your garden den! That’s not to say you need a state-of-the-art space to enjoy your spare time. The main feeling of luxury will come from having a cosy and comfortable space of your own, where you can fill your leisure hours as you please. Your den should be a retreat that’s just for you, away from the hustle and bustle of the house and the stress of work life.

Garden Den Design

Types of building

If you’re already visualising your outdoor games room, you’ll want to know more about what type of den might be possible for you. Green Studios offers a number of different options in terms of types of building, all of which can be installed quickly, within 4-6 weeks. While our product page will give you a good idea of the possibilities, remember we can always accommodate special requirements or unusual requests for your den, because all our garden rooms are bespoke and tailored to you.

A versatile space

While a garden den may be your idea of heaven, it might be hard to sell it to your partner and family. Why not let them know that a garden room extension is a flexible space that can be adapted to be used for any purpose? Whether it’s a home office by day and games/cinema room by night, or you use it as an occasional space to accommodate guests, installing a garden room is something that really will bring benefits for the whole family.

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