Your garden is an asset – invest in an adaptable garden Pod or Studio

Date: 10/09/2014

Making the most of our assets is something we should all do. So why treat your garden any differently. Even the smallest of gardens can usually fit in one of our adaptable garden Pod or Studios, so why not give it a makeover that can add a substantial sum to the value of your property. Installing a garden room can be a great way to invest in your future.

Designed to minimise disruption during installation some turnaround times could allow you be to move in by the time you get back from your Med cruise. They are also hassle free as you do not need to maintain the external cladding, windows or doors so you can relax and enjoy your lovely garden room.

Each of our luxury garden rooms are designed around an individual client’s needs and taste, including the interior, though most opt for a fresh, easy to maintain contemporary look.

 adaptable garden pod or studio as garden assetsYou could think about including a stylish kitchen and space saving bathroom creating a totally separate habitat from the main building. Then you’re ready to go whenever guests pop round unexpectedly for dinner or coffee.

Then again you might want to keep it all for yourself as a great space for relaxing all year round. Take time out to relax on our contemporary, grey, sustainable non slip hard wood decking which we can be designed to your own unique specifications

If the weather gets a little ropey then take it inside, watch a movie, play pool or just continue to enjoy the garden through our sustainable aluminium free-running, lightweight folding & sliding doors.

You can also opt for a smartphone device to control the heating and lighting as the winter months approach, so everything is switched on before you arrive.

If green is your big thing, then our buildings can assist you with your carbon footprint. We’ve tried to think of everything and have a whole range of adaptable garden room features:

  • Eco slate roofs for low maintenance and Sedum living roofs which help relieve man made systems, are extremely drought tolerant and offer a great place for wildlife to prosper………..they are also visually amazing.
  • Skylight windows: frameless, fixed, flat glass that is low maintenance and provide very high thermal performance… you lots of extra light and helping with energy bills.
  • Energy efficient lighting, that uses 91% less energy than other lighting options, and comes with an RCD protected consumer unit. Also external lighting that will also help to keep you safe.

We can offer rainwater harvesting storage systems, which can then be used for watering the garden, flushing toilets, for washing machines and for cleaning cars.

We’ve even constructed the building fabric to exceed the standard thermal performances used in bricks and mortar buildings so ensuring the heating will be distributed evenly, preventing cold spots and reducing heating costs.

So there you have it, an adaptable garden Pod, Studio or Lodge is easy to maintain and makes the most of your properties asset for years to come. It’s a sound investment in your future that will bring you lots of pleasure, after all you’re worth!

If you want to find out more about how a garden room can revolutionise your life take a look at this video case study.

If you’d like to see one or to chat more with one of our designers give us a call on 01923 20 50 90.


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