Jargon Buster: What is Fabric First?

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There’s a huge range of eco-friendly building materials around and it can sometimes be hard to understand what all of the terminology means. Our series of jargon busting blogs will take the sting out of home improvement jargon and help you create your eco-friendly dream garden room.  Read our straightforward explanations of the terms you’ll come across when investing in a “greener” outdoor building. First term out of the box…

What is Fabric First?

Fabric First is a fairly new buzz word used to describe high performance building fabrics. It’s all about putting thermal integrity first in order to deliver the most cost effective fabric possible.

The key is it’s emphasis on ‘air tightness’ or air permeability’ as the primary focus of any buildings construction.

How does it work?

You can do all sorts to buildings to improve efficiency such as install solar panels or loft and cavity wall insulation, effectively “plugging the holes”. This approach along with the practice of increasing surplus energy supplies to meet growing consumption is becoming unsustainable.

Enlightened practitioners in design and construction know it makes smart sense to create a structurally sound high thermal performance building at the start. So ultimately it should be about absolute integrity and a sound structure.

fabric first

Rather than sticking a plaster on the issue, it is all about sustainability, cost effectiveness and high thermal performance.

So effectively if you implement Fabric First, Fabric Second, Fabric Last your outdoor building will automatically be of a higher standard than those required by British Housing Standards.

Does Fabric First means you use less energy?

Having started with your structure as tight as a drum, using the Fabric First standards will mean less heat escapes so you can keep the thermostat turned down. In the summer the walls prevent hot air from entering, so you’re cooler without having to use air conditioning or turning on electrical fans.

The Extra Bonus: Less energy costs per annum soon start to accumulate allowing you to recoup any initial outlay.

Saying it ‘as it is’:

It’s how we design and build the structure whilst selecting sustainable materials for an even more sustainable outcome. If you’re garden room is built air-tight, you need less energy to heat and cool therefore saving the planet, and saving you money.

What we want for you at Green Studios…

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At Green Studios, we want our customers to feel they have complete confidence in the materials and products we use to create their garden buildings. We deliver honest, first class workmanship and believe all buildings companies should be held to the same high standards.

There are so many reasons why you should choose us and we also want you to know we’re here to help.

So send us your questions here and we’ll endeavour to write a blog answering the most popular FAQ’S to start busting industry jargon!

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