Whether you want to cook up a storm for your party guests or incorporate a self-contained living space into your grounds, a garden annexe with built-in kitchen can help you achieve your dreams. Here’s why a garden room kitchen could be the perfect addition to your home.

If you can’t stand the heat… build a garden kitchen

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Too many cooks in your kitchen? Why not build a spare. If your home is getting crowded, expanding into the garden will give you the space you crave. Adding a fully fitted garden annexe to your home can bring untold benefits, giving you a place to house guests or relatives, work from home or simply relax and enjoy your leisure time…

And if you prefer to enjoy a cosy dinner for two while the kids demolish a takeaway indoors, it gives you the space and means to do so! A garden room can be a sophisticated and fully self-contained home from home, comprising a fitted kitchen and even a toilet and shower.

Cook up a storm at your garden party

If you love hosting barbecues and garden parties, a garden room with integral kitchen could be just the ticket for a summer of feasting and fun. Perfect for entertaining, your garden kitchen can act as an extension of your barbecue, giving people the option to shelter from the weather or simply gather and socialise in comfort.

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If you prefer to keep guests from traipsing in and out of your house to wash their hands or top up drinks, the kitchen annexe, replete with a fridge for cold beers, can keep everyone contained in one place. And of course if you install a loo as well, it will be much appreciated by all!

Independent living

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Many families are faced with the task of accommodating elderly relatives or grown-up offspring in their homes. A well-equipped garden annexe complete with kitchen and bathroom facilities can make things easier, enabling you to keep your privacy and letting your family members retain some independence.


If the idea of a outdoor kitchen is food for thought for your household, why not check out these examples of garden rooms with integrated kitchens:

  • This garden annexe in Epsom was built as a self-contained living space for a relative. A single storey building, it incorporates kitchen and bathroom facilities without obstructing the view from the house.
  • Our client commissioned a garden studio and living space in Leatherhead to help her to downsize from a larger house to a simple but fully equipped garden space. It features a wet room, kitchen and WC.
  • This garden lodge in Malvern was built to act as a much-needed extension with extra living space. The kitchen, utility room and WC have helped to free up space in the owners’ small cottage.

You can also browse our Accommodation Range for examples of our garden lodges and studios which typically include both a bathroom and integrated garden room kitchen.