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To quote our client, We also wanted to say how pleased we are with the quality and aesthetics of your product, and the quality, customer- orientation and attention to detail of your assembly team … Should you want to use photos of our studio for any of your promotion materials, website etc… it would be a pleasure to send you some (either now, or later when the surroundings of the studio look more finished and pleasant to look at).  But please don’t hesitate to ask, it will be a pleasure.


We were contacted by our clients early on in the build of their new home in rural Devon as they had a clear vision for an artist’s studio, nestled in the hillside of their large garden.  From the outset, our clients had distinct environmental criteria for the studio which we were able to comply with, both in terms of sustainability (timber and use of recycled eco friendly building materials) and a healthy environment (use of organic, solvent-free paints).


With the garden landscaping now complete, with cantilevered deck extending over the garden pond, the setting is as stunning as this beautiful Devon Studio!

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